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Dr. Ben Carson

Ben Carson may aim to be the first (fully) black US president

Now that President Obama has eased the US population into accepting a non-white president, Ben Carson is showing very strong interest in taking the torch and bringing in a new era of racial harmony. The former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon and conservative activist has said that there is a very strong possibility that he will run …Read More


Steve Ballmer bans Apple products from the Clippers

Steve Ballmer is nothing if not loyal, and he proved it once again by banning Apple products from his newly acquired NBA team, the Clippers. Moving forward, the team will only use Windows Surface tablets and other Windows electronics to conduct business and maintain their mediocrity on the court. This shouldn’t come as a surprise …Read More

First image taken by the Indian Mission to Mars (Photo: isro.org)

The Indian Mars mission sends back blurry picture

Today India announced that it has received its first images from its mission to Mars. The announcement came by way of posts on Facebook and Twitter. This might seem like a great achievement, but it comes years after the US landed two separate Mars rovers on the surface of the red planet. And what is …Read More


Obama is just as bad as Bush

Obama finally showed his true colors (let’s see how long it takes before this is taken as a racist comment) today when he saluted the marines, standing guard as he stepped off his helicopter, with a coffee cup in his hand. Some are saying that we have more important things to worry about than President …Read More

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