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CNN’s Don Lemon gives Cosby rape alleger tips on how not to get raped

I know CNN gets a lot of flak for having anchors that aren’t the brightest of the bright, but Don Lemon isn’t one of them. He is consistently asking probing and vital questions, and avoids looking stupid on a daily basis. Yesterday, he proved his worth once again when interviewing Joan Tarshis, who has gone …Read More

Photo: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

Masai tribal land to be set aside as hunting grounds for Dubai royal family

Thanks to the Dubai royal family and their love of the land animals of Africa, a huge swath of the Masai ancestral land will be turned into an African appreciation reserve so that royals from Dubai can come shoot some of local wildlife in hopes of preserving them in the form of floor coverings and …Read More

Karl Stevanovic wit Lisa Wilkinson

Today show co-host uses women’s plight to steal the spotlight

I usually don’t pay attention to those who yammer about who women are treated differently in the workplace, but this time, Karl Stefanovic’s stunt just robbed me the wrong way. Karl Stefanovic, the co-host of Australia’s Today show, tried to prove a point by wearing the same suit for an entire year. This was (or …Read More

James Franco & Seth Rogen - Naked and Afraid

James Franco & Seth Rogen naked on the Discovery Channel

Just in time to help us forget the nudes of Kim Kardashian, James Franco and Seth Rogen took part in the Discovery Channel show called Naked and Afraid, where participants spend a few days in the wild without any clothes. Usually the show challenges one man and one woman, but this time they made an …Read More


Patrick Schwarzenegger & Miley Cyrus caught kissing

You surely know Miley Cyrus, but you may wonder who this Schwarzenegger guy is that has bagged himself a Cyrus. Some of you clever ones may have already figured out that Patrick Schwarzenegger is the son of Arnold (Schwarzenegger). It seems that despite having some Kennedy genes, the Schwarzenegger boy is taking after his father …Read More

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That's how you build an empire. We stole countries with the cunning use of flags. Sail halfway around the world, stick a flag in. "I claim India for Britain." And they're going, "You can't claim us. We live here! There's five hundred million of us." "Do you have a flag?" "We don't need a flag, this is our country you bastard."Eddie Izzard
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