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fat kid

Fat kids unaware of their fatness

A recent study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics has revealed that almost one-third of obese children think they are less fat than they actually are. “If people perceive their weight accurately, they can start weight-control behavior,” said Neda Sarafrazi, the lead researcher of the study. (HealthDay) …Read More

White flag on Brooklyn Bridge

The white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge

As you may have heard or read, yesterday, the two US flags which sit atop two stone supports were switched (they were actually bleached white) with white flags. According to surveillance video, in the early morning hours of Tuesday the spot lights which normally illuminate the flags flickered and then went out. As light broke …Read More

Google Glass

Google working on new Glass line called Gyno-Glass

Google is always on the forefront of technology and consistently develops paradigm-altering products and services. Just a few months after making Google Glass available to the public, Google plans to reveal a professional version of Google Glass specifically designed for gynecologists. This news comes to me from a secret source from deep within Google who …Read More


Woman rescues ducklings and gets $100 ticket

Not the actual duckling from NH (Photo by Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez) A New Hampshire woman who stopped in a high way median to help some ducklings got a $100 ticket. Hallie Bibeau had to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting the ducklings, but the mother and some other ducklings were not so lucky …Read More

Danielle Watkins

High school teacher threatens failing grade to student trying to break up with her

Danielle Watkins, an English teacher in Connecticut, is accused of giving marijuana to some of her students, and having a sexual relationship with one of her 18-year-old students. She threatened to give him a failing grade when he tried to break things off. Watkins, 32, is alleged, according to the police, to have had a …Read More

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It's always darkest before it turns absolutely pitch black.Paul Newman
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