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Google Glass ticket

Police officer tickets woman for adapting to modern life

California woman, Cecila Abadie, made history last night when she was given a ticket for the first ever DWGG—Drive with Google Glasses. The ticketing officer pulled Abadie over to issue a speeding ticket but when he noticed the device he issued a ticket for distracted driving. Commenters on Abadie’s Google+ account gave valuable commentary like, …Read More

Stop cyberbullying against corporations

Emily Hughes, a resident San Tan Valley, is being sued by local water company Johnson Utilities to the tune of $100,000 for defamation, saying Hughes made her posts to be deliberately disparaging, and that her comments were made with ‘reckless regard for the truth’. According to her lawyer, Marc Victor, Hughes turned on a faucet …Read More

Men Ogling Women

Study finds that men really do look at women’s bodies more than faces

A new study (one that is long overdue if you ask me) has found that men do really look at women’s bodies more than they look at their faces. The same study also found that women do the same thing (look at other women’s bodies that is). Social psychologist, Sarah Gervais of the University of …Read More

Socialists trying to turn Americans against their own government

The Open Technology Institute recently released the Cost of Connectivity Report—a study that investigated the speed and price of broadband internet services. The study found that US citizens tend to pay a tiny bit more money for their connectivity. The 150Mbps home broadband connection offered by Verizon FiOS is $130/mo compared to major cities around …Read More

Black Rhino

Let’s help the black rhinos by shooting one of them

A permit, to hunt an endangered black rhino, granted by the government of Namibia is to be auctioned off by The Dallas Safari Club (a Texas hunting club). The auction is expected to fetch between $250,000 to $1,000,000. The group has said that all of the proceeds from the auction will be used to support …Read More

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Marry me and I'll never look at another horse!Groucho Marx
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