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Brushing climate change aside

Written by Sarcastic Sage on November 18, 2010 - Comments (9)

How can I convince people who brush climate change off, that it is a serious issue, and something needs to be done? -Lexi

Dear Lexi,

You may have to resort to some psychological trickery and say things like “Only socialists are for using fossil fuels,” or “Ragan really hated global warming.”

I hope this helps.

Sincerely Yours,

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  1. Climate change has been proven to be a hoax contrived by politicians and a select group of scientists.
    Read the leaked emails.

  2. Take it easy sage, it seems like you used up your strength : ) About the question . . . yeah, anyway. When something becomes sooo theoretical it is easy to spot the ………. and so out of touch . . .

    • People having trouble with making valid arguments and being taken seriously? Surely you don’t have this problem, now do you?

  3. I always hated Ragan.. Reagan on the other hand CAUSED global warming by ending the Cold War that kept the climate artificially cool… Now that we have peace and prosperity the world round, I’m looking forward to the tropical New England weather in a couple years! Thanks Reagan!

  4. I have too many other issues Like health care and feeding my family. I think that I will be dead by the time global warming becomes a problem anyway. and if it does raise the tides I will buy a boat

    • so you’re struggingly to feed the family – but can afford a boat? that’s what’s wrong with the world :-P

  5. Turtle-necks and ten dollar notes

    It’s all just conjecture with a little bit of evidence to back it up. If you ask half the geologists around the world, they will politely tell you to get your f**king coat because we’re about to have one helluva cold snap. Doesn’t make global warming any less possible. Climate is chaotic last time I checked so let’s just do a little bit of something for each argument… I’ll be selling my 4L Ford F12345 and buying a 6L GM Pickup… the way I see it is I won’t be able to afford to drive it all the time so in a funny kinda way I’ll be saving the environment. Yay for me.

    • And just for the hilarity, of course if we should have that helluva cold snap, the oceans will rise anyway, thanks to the weird assed thermal properties of water. Snap.

  6. Well, they aren’t exactly wrong… The climate will change eventually… when the Sun dies, for instance. Of course we’ll probably have other issues than climate when that eventually happens…

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