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He chats with his exes

Written by Sarcastic Sage on September 6, 2011 - Comments (22)

Dear Sarcastic Sage:

so I have this issue with my boyfriend. He has several female friends that I have never met and only know by name because they make random comments on his Facebook page. I’m not a jealous person so I don’t demand explanations about who they are, what their inside jokes mean and/orĀ  how well they know each other (even though I know that he was involved with some of them in the past since I have seen pictures of them hugging and kissing).

NOW the problem is that I cannot receive phone calls or texts or Facebook messages or posts from ANY male friend because he will be upset the whole day. The comments are straight forward with no insinuations and from no one I have ever been in a relationship with or anything. How the heck do I make him see that it is not fair and it makes no sense? should I give him a dose of his own medicine or should I subjugate to his macho treatment?

thanks! I look forward to the advise!!!


Dear A,

Here is my ‘advise': Even though you will hear about the equality that women have gained over the past decades, and will see television programs, and read news articles about how women are now their own people, the reality is that this is all just for show. In the real World not much has changed, so if I were you (and I’m glad that I am not), I’d keep quiet and just bear with his seeming stupidity.

The reason he doesn’t want other guys talking to you is because he knows exactly what is going through their heads, even when they are posting boring chit-chat on your Facebook page. You may wonder how he knows what’s going through those guys’ heads. It’s simple; it’s exactly what is going through his head when he’s talking to other women. So, he is just being protective, and keeping you from getting hurt by falling into the traps that guys are surely setting for you.

Just be glad that you have someone who is looking out for you.


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  1. Whether intentional or not, this post works as a thinly “veiled” comment on the Islamic treatment of women.

  2. It always leaves me stunned just how many people miss the point. MY fear is that humanity is slowly losing its grasp on the ability to comprehend sarcasm, or not so slowly maybe. It is a terrible age in which we live.

  3. Sarcastic Sage, I take all of your advice seriously, and apply it to my life on a daily basis. And I just have to say, that this is one of the best responses I’ve read. As a person of the female gender, I’ve never felt equal among men, and now I know why. I am but a peon. Thank you, for making my life much easier to understand.

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