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Long distance relationship

Written by Sarcastic Sage on December 12, 2011 - Comments (5)

It happens that I’m in a real dilemma.  I’m into a long distance relationship that’s not working out so well (but I like him sooo much) and on the other hand there’s this guy whom I thought was a friend and who stopped talking to me for way too long cause he fell for me.  Now, I really don’t wanna fail in the long distance relationship and I also wanna keep the other guy as my friend.

What’s the best I could do and please do not tell me to go for a threesome!

Thanks! I look forward to the advise!!!


Dear Bee,

You really tie my hands by ruling out threesomes; it is by far the best solution for your dilemma, but let’s see if we can come up with something that will do the trick.

You say that the guy that is close by stopped talking to you because he likes you and you just want him as a friend. He really does sound like he is a keeper, be it as a friend or significant other (should the twisty path of life lead you in that direction). So I understand your desire to keep him around until the fate of the long-distance relationship becomes clear.

There are two options before you: First, continue the long-distance ‘relationship’ which you seem to not be particularly good at. Second, put the long-distance relationship out of its misery and see if you can resuscitate the friendship with the local guy, and who knows, maybe you’ll end up developing romantic feelings for him.

So these are basically your two options, but I still think you should consider the one option that you have already ruled out. It really is the most fun, and has the greatest potential of blowing up in your face (this pun was fully intended). Great outcomes spring from great risk, so why not be the latest person to give the tried and true method of solving problems a try?


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  1. Dear Sarcastic sage, you should have signed this one as the flower:D or even better the BEE should have signed as Venus flytrap:D anyway back to the ‘problem’ but before the problem I really ‘loved’=ouch the fact that there was an ad about a cheap plane ticket (Finnair) that would have taken you where you wanted to be and send you back from where you came from:D (tur och retur = a two way ticket?)*rofl* but now that signed in, in order to write a comment I see at the top of the page a banner that advertises a car (Ford) and now back to the problem:D well, after writing the above I decided that I better keep my mouth shut. See> :x

    May the force of evolution be with you

  2. Bee, your solution is simple. Have both. By a subtle combination of secrecy and subterfuge you can maintain a relationship with the distant one, and instigate a one with the nearby one. That way you get the fulfilment that both of them offer whilst maintaining an insurance relationship if one should fail.

  3. Im in the same situation, but my fiancé has lead me to believe everything between us was fine wrong. As I was to work it out, she felt it ok to date. Now she has feelings for the other guy local. And has given up on her long distance relationship. So the funny thing is her trying to hide it. You’re older not young , and you’re getting into someone with baggage like kids. And his recent divorce. So for those who think of giving years of you’re life to it think twice because she will go behind you’re back and screw you.

  4. I disagree that the male friend will ever agree to being put in the ‘friendzone’. When a Man loves a female he was deep friends with there is no going back for him. The idea of being the shoulder to cry on while his loved person sexes another man is as appealing to most men as it is for a woman to want sex with an ex bf who cheated on her. The man will eventually much rather to cut the woman out of his life and keep distance than be there as a true friend while she breaks his heart. Women Never seem to grasp this concept and often truly believe that friendship is possible without the man’s heart being broken. Overall it is much kinder to let the friend go and follow the long dsitance or vice versa and leave the long distance relationship. Attempting to have both will never workout and is selfish as it is doomed to surely lead to one or both men’s feelings being damaged. At least with choosing one the hurt is definatley only limited to one instead of a possible both men.

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