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My boss doesn’t like me

Written by Sarcastic Sage on August 30, 2011 - Comments (8)

Hi there,
I have a very weird work issue, my manager doesn’t seem to like me regardless of my work on which she has never complained upon. She just seem to blame me for the things I never had anything to do with, if it goes bad. Is there any way to stop speaking bad of me without killing her? -A

Dear A,

This is not an unusual problem; however, for some reason, the only solution you have been able to come up with is killing your boss. It seems you are somewhat ambivalent about going through with it and that is why you are seeking the advice of the Sarcastic Sage. I’m humbled, as always.

It does trouble me that the only solution you have so far involves murder, so let’s take that option off the table, since it will solve your little office politics problem, but generate a brand new one which involves prison and possible execution.

So since committing a felony is obviously not the best choice, perhaps you can look into seeking help from a mental health professional.


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  1. The epic story of one-sided love…heartbreaking!

  2. I’m surprised the Sarcastic Sage ignored the obvious solution: Have a threesome with your boss and the Human Resources Manager…see what your position is after they are forced to communicate with yourself and each other.

  3. Another approach might be to tune up your English and grammar skills a bit. It could help reinform her opinions on your intellect and professionalism, and if not, you can always kill her later….

  4. nightingale801

    Oh no you didn’t dear Sarcastic sage *lmao* :DD and did you know(according to @AnswersDotCom) that “Pigs don’t sweat, which is why they hang out in mud.” :D I didn’t:D

  5. Dear ralph.. As u cn see.. Cz of the abovious stress am gng through I have lost my communication skills aswell.. Bt thanks for the reminder.. And ur right sarcastic sage.. I shud probably rule that solution out.. Though like the 3some suggestion dear.. But its a bit difficult since the both are female and and am straight.. :p

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