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Sometimes He’s Just Looking for an Intelligent Conversation

Written by Sarcastic Sage on October 6, 2010 - Comments (13)

I caught my husband of 3 years marriage having a sexually text female friend whom he constantly send x-rated text messages to her (vici-vesa). He claims that its strictly inoccent. But when I read through his sent messages box I found his replies to her is disturdingly pause raising, especially from a man who is married. He says she is just a “friend” to her and he only does it to make her feel good about herself cause she is a older woman with kids and has no husband and he is just boosting up her self confidence. Can someone please advise me how to deal with this or if I am reading to much into it. -LT

Dear LT,

You are definitely not reading too much. If anything, you are reading too little.

Sincerely Yours,

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  1. That read almost like a riddle. Proofreading is your friend.

  2. And “definitely” does not contain the letter “A”…

  3. The Girl With Kaleidescope Eyes

    Li, I found your comment even more humorous than the post. Thank you!!

  4. nightingale801

    Actually, I know men that really do think like that and bahaha your title is the answer:DD LMAO so back to what I wanted to say, there are men that do think that they boost up their self-confidence(. . . and at the same instant feel that they have done their part, service to humanity and can then go back and be continue being the typical monogamist” (some others do think that they open up the woman and that makes it easier for the less skillful men to approach her and if the timing is right the might score thanks to him;) *a 1 4 all and all 4 1 moment*and he usually gets to listen to all the glorious details:D.)

    anyway, back to those that just make women feel good about themselves, some will also share their sex-fantasies with those women and the women might feel oh lets say that it’s getting hot but the truth is that even in their fantasy they imagine having sex with their wife and that is why it doesn’t count as cheating:D yeah that was it for now:DD

  5. Lol. Brb. Jus got a txt from my gurl.

  6. I’d kick his ass, he’s a a married man for christ sakes. Sext’s are not for a married man to be sending to sum1 who’s not his wife. Who gives a shit bout the spelling, that’s not the issue.

  7. Trapped In Eastern Europe

    You are definitely reading too much into it…. After all whats a little sexting between friends? He’s just being a good guy, remember she IS an older woman with kids and no husband and can use all the confidence boosting she can get. So, just put your head back in the sand and go on with your life as usual, I’m sure you’ve got at least 1 good year left in your marrige

    • Trapped In Eastern Europe

      Don’t you just love it when you think the computer didn’t get your post then you take the time to repost and now its duplicated… BTW which version do you like better?

  8. PLEASE don’t stop sexting me!!

    • nightingale801

      Treehugger? What are you doing here? This is not the proper place for ice skating:D Here is a lollipop for you*waves bye bye*

  9. PLEASE don’t stop sexting me!!!

  10. Literacy is the main issue. Face the facts. If you are asking the Sarcastic Sage for advice, you must be able to formulate thoughts that are both intelligent and easy to understand. That being said, you do not really require validation for something that hurts your feelings.

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