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Ben Affleck is the new Batman

Written by The Sarcasmist on August 23, 2013 - Comments

This morning the World woke up to the news that Ben Affleck had been cast as the new Batman, who will be facing off Superman in the Man of Steel sequel Batman vs Superman.

Most of you may be thinking that this isn’t really news…yet another well-known actor is cast as a superhero, and that is business as usual in Hollywood. But within this seemingly dull story lurks a calamity.

Fans are worried that Ben Affleck may not be the perfect fit for this role, and are voicing their opinion in a calm and non-psychotic way around the web.

As a huge Batman fan (have read EVERY comic), I’m not sure Affleck was the right choice for this role.  However, I was sure that Heath Ledger wasn’t the right choice for the Joker as well, and look how good that one turned out.  I’m going to wait to see him in the roll before I say yay or nay on this one. (wreichlein’s comment on time.com)

This is very unusual as they normally hate Ben Affleck in almost anything he does, and if they don’t like a choice Hollywood makes the response is usually hate-fueled rage in the form of comment threads, tweets, and Facebook posts. So there is no way to interpret this other than the comic fandom at large has banded together to launch an unexpected attack after acting in a sane manner for a while.

Then again, it may be the case that after directing and acting in Argo and winning an Academy Award for it, people are more confident in his abilities. Something like that has to earn him the redemption he needed after being part of Gigli.

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