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Do I Look Generous Yet?

Written by The Sarcasmist on September 10, 2010 - Comments (3)

Ron Artest, an NBA player, has decided to auction off his championship ring that he won as a Los Angeles Lakers team member, and donate the proceeds to charity.

Artest plans to soon announce details of what he hopes will become a worldwide auction, and he takes possession of the jewelry in an Oct. 26 pre-game ceremony before the Lakers open against the Rockets. It’s an incredible gesture. But it’s even more meaningful as a statement. (Yahoo! Sports via NBA.com)

That’s mighty generous of Artest. Auctioning off that ring is going to do wonders. It’ll probably raise more money than he will be able to make through endorsements and sponsorships. Plus, he can’t just hand money that he has earned away, that would be crazy. He is right to auction off a hollow status symbol and use the highest bidder’s money to do good.


  1. Bottom line. He’s doing something good, who cares why he’s doing it.

  2. lol why do it worldwide no on outside the country even cares about such a thing….>.> total fail. honestly i dont know who would buy such a thing, its a ring thats meant for the player. who in their right mind buy something they will never use. just imagine the conversation
    “…so you didnt win and you spent millions of dollars for a piece of metal that took maybe around 500 dollars at most to make”
    “uhhhh yeah because they are winners”
    “you do know that the champion ring isnt just given out once right?”

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