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If you are traveling to California, be sure to experience California at Disney’s California Adventure

Written by The Sarcasmist on May 13, 2013 - Comments
Pacific Wharf

Pacific Wharf

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Disney parks, let me quickly explain what Disney’s California Adventure park is. The theme park is dedicated to the history and culture of California and offers areas such as “Hollywood Land”, “Pacific Wharf”, and “Paradise Pier”.

For visitors to California, Disney’s California Adventure is a wonderful option as it allows them to experience California. But it’s not just a great destination for visitors–locals can also enjoy the park. For example, if you live in Hollywood, and would like to experience Hollywood in true California fashion, you can do so by driving the 37 miles to the city of Anaheim, in Orange County and for a paltry admission fee of around $80-$90 per person (depending on your age) experience Hollywood. If you are not the type who is impressed by the glitz and glamour or Hollywood, then perhaps Paradise Pier is what you can enjoy.

Paradise Pier, which is modeled after the quintessential California pier allows visitors to California to have the experience of visiting the Santa Monica Pier, for example, without having to put up with the annoying seagulls, or people of Santa Monica (you might still run into people from Santa Monica who drive down from Santa Monica to enjoy Paradise Pier).

So if you find yourself in California, and would like to experience California as if you were right there, then head down to Orange County; Disney will take care of the rest.

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