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Jay Leno – Not as Funny as People Thought

Written by The Sarcasmist on July 5, 2010 - Comments (3)

After the infamous NBC late-night talk show rumbles which pushed Conan O’Brien out of the role of the host of the Tonight Show, to open up room for Jay Leno’s triumphant return, NBC executives were hoping that their fortunes would improve with the return of the overly giggly funnyman. Alas, things have not turned out as had been hoped.

Six months into the return, the ratings are the lowest they have been since 1992, Variety reports. This is despite an impressive showing upon his first night back on the show, which attracted 6.6 million viewers.

These numbers have a hidden meaning that one can find by reading between the lines, as it were. During those few months that Jay Leno was off the air, people forgot how boring his show was, and flocked back to watch his return, only to be reminded of what they had already known only months ago. Luckily, Conan O’Brien is set start his new show on TBS soon, and hopefully bring much needed humor to the late-night scene.


  1. Letterman got the last laugh there…
    He found out what a putz Leno was years ago.

  2. While Leno is infinitely funnier than Conan, he is no Johnny Carson. I suspect his stand-up show might be funny as it does not require approval of the censors.

    I wonder if it would help Leno to have someone funny following him. It would be interesting to see Ferguson or Kimmel moved over behind him to see what that would to for his ratings.

  3. Name Required

    I have never seen anything funny in this type of late night programming. Unless you consider that they think that they are funny.

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