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Joe Jackson A Bigger Leech Than Previously Thought

Written by The Sarcasmist on November 9, 2009 - Comments (27)

joe-jacksonIt turns out that Joe Jackson has lots of expenses that his dead son needs to take care of. After all, an 81-year-old guy needs bling and cash, otherwise who would pay any attention to him. The good thing is that he actually was able to find some kind-hearted lawyers to plead his case in a Los Angeles court.

It is well known that Michael Jackson’s will clearly excluded Joe Jackson but did make arrangements for his mother and children. (BBC)

Even though the court papers seem to have stated that the money being requested is to cover expenses such as rent, meals out, air travel and hotel accommodations, I suspect that most of the $20,000 per month being requested will be used for grief counseling.


  1. Seriously? If the will doesn’t include you, dude, don’t go after the money! He obviously didn’t like his father or he would’ve made some provision for him in the will.

  2. You disgust me Mr. Jackson! If you raised your children in a caring loving environment maybe your son would not have been so troubled and have died so young. Anyone making money off of his amazing talent is nothing but a disgrace to the human race! I can not stress how sick this is without using profanity!

  3. Joe Jackson is a selfish ass. I question the court’s decision on this. Unfortunately, there is a conflict of interest because the executor of the estate is Katherine Jackson so she won’t object to it. This greedy, unloving man is taking money from his grandchildren.

  4. the $20,000 a month is probably a down payment on plastic surgery for those bull dog cheeks!

  5. Joe Jackson is my hero. I wish I could be as big a mooch as he is.

  6. After looking at that mug, his grief counseling might include the botched plastic surgeries and brow lifts.

  7. Honestly, no one cares. It shouldn’t matter whether or not he gets/wants cash. He’s just another worthless idiot out there, just like his son. Screw the Jacksons and all the hype surrounding them.

    Btw…. Michael Jackson’s music was NOT that great. Kinda’ blew in my opinion.

    • i’ll second that motion.
      the guy is dead. woo hoo.

      i have to find some other cracked-out celebrity to make fun of.

    • AGREED!!!! Cant believe how much publicity this whole thing is getting. AND! I think i saw previews for a show that the leftover IDIOT jackson’s are going to start…UHG! What a waste!

    • Umm everyone has their own opinion about the Jacksons..I agree I feel that his Fam i.e. his bros and pops are taking advantage of his death for some $$ and publicity..so F* them! but obviously people had a connection with Michael Jackson through his music and they were obviously upset that he passed..he was loved by millions and millions– can’t blame him for that! 2nd I agree his father is a greedy snob! Third I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON, he’s an inspiration, maybe not to you but for a lot of people! I dont see how people could talk all this crap about the guy and he’s done more good than bad…and the bad can’t even be proven!


    • Seriously, nobody needs your comments,
      I personally LOVE Michael.
      & if you want people to stop giving it publicity people.
      Honestly, Michael Jackson’s death, didn’t get ENOUGH attention, he deserved more love.
      Maybe you should consider the feelings of the people still grieving.
      Michael was an amazing talented man, who was beaten by Joe Jackson, and brought to tears at the sight of his father.
      He even claimed to vomit at the sight of his father, throughout his life.
      I agree with Jac, Me, Roni, and Jess.
      all the others, there’s no need for your selfishness.
      D :

    • Melodie, seriously. Think about what you just said: “Honestly, Michael Jackson’s death, didn’t get ENOUGH attention, he deserved more love.” Really? His memorial service was televised, he received lots of media attention including Dateline specials, and he was “attentioned” for at least two weeks. Believe it or not, life goes on. He was a man. He apparently inspired people. And he was thoroughly covered in the media. Heck, when Pope John Paul II died a few years back, HE didn’t receive as much media acclaim.

      You know who doesn’t get enough attention? The men and women of the military. It doesn’t matter wether or not we approve of the War or not, they have to go and leave their families and friends, and some of them don’t make it home. When they die where is their “attention”, hmm Melodie? Don’t they deserve more love? At least they died protecting their country…and not of illegal drug overdoses.

      Now, all of us are allowed to have their own opinions. Mine may be different from yours, which may be different than Luke’s or Melodie’s, that doesn’t give ANYONE the right to diss someone else. Roni, your comment was totally uncalled for.

  8. Luke, you are my Hero!!!

  9. Since Katherine and Joe are described as being “estranged” (he does not even live in the same home), it’s probably for a reason. There’s hope at least that she WILL indeed object to any claim he puts on the estate.
    He’s just…. ewwwwww.

  10. A typical dumboma looking for a handout.

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