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Joe Jackson A Bigger Leech Than Previously Thought

Written by The Sarcasmist on November 9, 2009 - Comments (27)

joe-jacksonIt turns out that Joe Jackson has lots of expenses that his dead son needs to take care of. After all, an 81-year-old guy needs bling and cash, otherwise who would pay any attention to him. The good thing is that he actually was able to find some kind-hearted lawyers to plead his case in a Los Angeles court.

It is well known that Michael Jackson’s will clearly excluded Joe Jackson but did make arrangements for his mother and children. (BBC)

Even though the court papers seem to have stated that the money being requested is to cover expenses such as rent, meals out, air travel and hotel accommodations, I suspect that most of the $20,000 per month being requested will be used for grief counseling.


  1. who cares he’ll prolly just live a month or so.. may not even last the length of the trials..


  3. Hehehe, cause we all know MJ had absolutely NO reason to refuse his father money, right? I man, the horrid childhood, mental trauma, and encounters with hookers at the age of five aren’t a reason to hate yor dad. Of course, that could just be me confusing something here.

  4. Yes Luke, your an idiot for expressing your negative opinion!!
    You’re a/an [Instert insult here] because your opinion isn’t the same as mine!

    Anyways, without the sarcasm now. I think that Joe Jackson is just a leach who’s trying to profit from the death of his own son, and, to me, that makes him a poor excuse for a human.

  5. I have to say that I don’t know what all the hype is about Michael Jackson. A few years back everyone wanted his head, now everyone loved him…when is it going to stop? That being said, I understand that some people really liked him, which is fine we should all be allowed to express our opinions. Speaking to the issue above though I think that it is/would be (not sure if its actually happened or not) very disrespectful for the court to disregard Michael’s last wishes (in the form of his will) and awarding some of his possessions/money/anything to someone who was deliberately left out of his will. If he was supposed to get any than the will would have had him in it! Joe Jackson can go get money from somewhere else!

  6. I agree with the MJ supporters. I just saw This Is It yesterday and it was amazing. MJ’s talent is unsurpassed and he still holds the record for the best selling album of all time, even in death.
    As for Michael’s father, he is a monster and trying to get money from a son’s estate even though he had clearly washed his hands of him is below human.
    Millions upon millions have loved, been inspired my Michael and his music, and you cannot argue with those numbers. I think Michael said it best with his song entitled “Leave Me Alone”.
    All you negative people should just do that if you feel that way. Nobody wants to hear your negativity. RIP, MJ, RIP.

  7. Joe Jackson does not deserve a damn penny of Michael’s money… that money is for his mother and children ..noone else! How greedy can you be or should I say How big of a mooch can you be!!

  8. What a tool! Scary freak! It’s no wonder those kids are ALL a little strange. I hope they don’t give him a dime.

  9. Of course he needs the 20K per month. How else is he going to get the surgical reduction on those giant cahonas he has to have to even ask for the money. And after all he’s going to need the testicular reduction to be able walk upright into the homeless shelter, since of course no one can afford to live on a pittance of say just 10K per month.

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