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Who Could Have Guessed That The Jay Leno Show Would Be A Flop?

Written by The Sarcasmist on January 12, 2010 - Comments (24)

The news of the failure of Jay Leno’s new show (cleverly called The Jay Leno Show) carried with it such shock that it has rattled some people to the core. Who would have guessed that duplicating the Tonight Show (save for the desk) and moving it from 11:30pm to 10:00pm wasn’t the programming genius that everyone thought it was? This just goes to show that the American television audience is comprised of just a bunch of jackasses. NBC did them a favor and moved the show to 10:00pm so the audience didn’t have to stay up late. But I guess they didn’t realize that at 10:00pm people wouldn’t be as sleepy which is thought to be the main reason why people think The Tonight Show is entertaining.

I guess sequels aren’t a great idea for variety shows on television.


  1. Kinda sucks actually…. Course MSNBC is screwing alot of things up presently… Let’s hope Conan can keep his job at least…

  2. Amen!! I’ve been saying for yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears that Jay Leno is not funny and I never understood why they thought he could replace David Letterman.

  3. Hey! Assisted living centers and nursing homes need something to broadcast at that time too… how rude.

  4. Yeah, and now those people will no longer feel tortured by the crap that was The Jay Leno Show

    • everyone always has something negative to say on these damn blogs. keyboard warriors are the lowest of the low. i like crackheads more

    • These lame comments are more entertaining than a crackhead or a keyboard warrior-for that matter, I thought this was a venue for free sarcasm… What do you expect? At least we are not presently watching that horrible thing called television! The major networks can curl up and die for all I care. They DO NOT deliver anything worth writing about, less remembering, occasional accidents excepted…

  5. I would rather stay up late to watch Jimmy Fallon and Conan then to watch Leno. He isnt funny and kind of irritating and obnoxious.

  6. Jay leno has fresh material show. i think he is funny, but i also enjoy letterman and most other late night shows. Jays show was moved because it was messing up the ratings for the other late night shows oh the station.

    i personally don’t care when it comes on. i will still watch the jay leno show. if anything positive has come from this whole ordeal… it has to be conan’s and jay’s shows last night… funny as hell

  7. Letterman is nothing to Jay. There’s no way Letterman is better, he’s not that funny at all!! The only reason he’s still on is for all the old folks, of which his audience is comprised of 95% of them with 5% made up of people flipping through the channels and finding Letterman, and getting up to do something more productive.

  8. Keep Conan and Jay!!

  9. the only thing funny about the David Letterman show are the retards that make up the audience who laugh and clap diligently every time Paul Shaffer makes a funny noise on his keyboard after David makes a lame joke.

  10. My favorite segment on Leno’s show is “Headlines”. His monolog comes in a close second. Everything else is crap.

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