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Obama Seen Drinking Tea!

Written by The Sarcasmist on December 16, 2009 - Comments (15)
Tea: Drink of the Socialists!

Tea: Drink of the Socialists!

The latest report from the Sarcasmist informants is that President Barack Obama has been seen enjoying high tea, and what is worse he put milk in it.

It has been long suspected that President Obama was in the pocket of the British, but it is now clear that he is indeed a rabid socialist. Who else drinks tea with milk? That’s just crazy!

It is no wonder that President Obama called the republican tea partiers ‘extremists’. He was enraged by the fact that they were destroying tea, drink of the socialists. Now we know that the stories during the presidential campaign about the President’s Honest Tea addiction were more than slanderous rumors.

The Sarcasmist calls on the President to abandon his socialist ways and show his commitment to the United States of America by drinking a heart-stopping cup of good old coffee, and make sure to take it black, like a real American.


  1. he drinks tea but im sure he wants grape juice

  2. I KNEW that choosing drinks was not his cup of tea.

  3. No wonder he doesn’t want to invade other countries. He must be an Isolationist.

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