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Obama shows his white side

Written by The Sarcasmist on September 26, 2011 - Comments (13)

Rep Maxine WatersIt seems that Obama has managed to find a way to annoy one of his staunchest supporters. Representative Maxine Waters (D-Calif) said this morning that one particular bit of Obama’s comments to the Congressional Black Caucus “a bit curious,” suggesting that he would never use the same tone or language with other communities.

“I’m not sure exactly who the president was talking to,” the former chair of the CBC said on CBS’ Early Show.

This past Saturday, President Barack Obama was speaking at the Congressional Black Caucus’ annual gala. In speaking about the unemployment problem in the black community, he urged them not to lose hope, saying, “Stop complaining. Stop grumbling. Stop crying. We are going to press on. We’ve got work to do.”

What has our country come to? We can’t even be frank with our own ethnic communities anymore? It seems like the erosion of the right to freedom of speech has reached the tipping point.


  1. I’m not black but I was totally offended when I read those comments. I have a crap job – thanks to the lack of real jobs to replace my old one. I am living on 2/3 of my salary with the cost of living has gone up dramatically. How DARE he ask anyone to not complain. His lack of leadership when it comes to the economy overall is galling. The one sole difference. As a non black he doesn’t just assume I will vote for him – or does he? I’m a woman.

    • lol nice

    • I agree with Rachkath. And by the way, Obama should be addressing EVERYONE. EVERYONE is in trouble, not just particular groups of people in this country. I’m pretty sure that segregation ended years ago.
      Maxine Walters is obviously racist. The president is EVERYONE’S president. At least we know who she really is now.

  2. I cant beleive this garbage…Once again “our” President has managed to seperate the people even farther…so, now its class, race, sex and job/jobless!!

  3. black employed and proud...

    I know who he is talking to and I second it! And no I’m not a republican, I don’t wish to be white, and do agree with everything Obama says…but I do agree with this!

  4. It appears that some have missed the point. The people that the president was referring to were the CBC, not the unemployed Americans in need of help. Congress needs to stop whining and get to work, either support him or oppose him, how dare you try to say the president was referring to those in need as complaining.

  5. I find it sad that people live in a country where they proclaim to love & they believe in the motto of “In God We Trust” yet we seem to trust the men we vote for far more than the ONE who created and made it possible for them to even be in the positions they have attained. I have NEVER & will NEVER blame a president for my plight!!!! When I lost my job, I started my own business!!! I didn’t complain, I kept the FAITH, PRAYED, remained THANKFUL for the 2/3 income I did have (because people in 3rd world countries sleep on the ground and don’t use indoor plumbing) & PRESSED on. I’m STILL pressing!!!! House foreclosure, car repos, health problems, three kids in college; but I STILL PRESS & don’t complain because every since I lost my job, my faith increased and I’ve NEVER been on the street, without a meal & STILL can pay my utilities EVERY month!!! That’s God!! Not the president!!! I may not have the luxuries I once enjoyed to a double income family – but I do have something FAR most valuable – my life and my lives if those who love me & whom I love dearly in my life. After all, when you have renal failure & you have a close loved one currently dying from cancer, is it best to blame the president or should I simply pray & be THANKful for what I do have. Well, I choose life!!! Not the death of whining & complaining about what someone isn’t doing for me as my president!!! Get a LIFE & STOP complaining & criticizing about something YOU can change!!!! Because if me & my family are still doing good – and I’m not offended by his comments that reflect the SAME message of HOPE I have for the future, then neither should anyone else who hasn’t stood in my shoes for the past few years !!!! I trust HIM – point blank PERIOD!!

  6. He should make Rotney King his Communication Czar. What a total freakin baby, who by the way has never had a job, other than being a shakedown pimp.

  7. So I’m guessing that Maxine Waters needed to score some points, or the comment hit too close to home. She’s a Democrat from California, that state’s in trouble in so many ways. Nice one Maxine, you have some nerve.

  8. Umm, if people would stop complaing and start taking action then maybe our country would be in better shape. However, it seems to be more American these days to sit on our fat asses and point fingers at everyone else who is trying to do something and trying to get people motivated to do something for themselves. I agree with @peacetoday, we control our future and what we make of it not whomever is in office.

  9. I am a black male, with 3 degrees one being in the Engineering field, yet I have been unemployed for the past 2 1/2 yrs. And I understand what the President in talking about and to whom he is talking to. We as a people need to get walking, start mobilizing the common folks like in the 60’s. Start going to our local representatives and making sure that our voices are heard, and that they represents us, not Cooperate interest. We need to stop using him as the source of our problems, but a tool. We did not give him the tools to service us. We voted him in, then 2yrs after took the house of representatives away. So please people!!

  10. haha soooo funny:)) :D

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