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Obamacare Backlash: GOP to Hold Breath Until Blue in the Face

Written by The Sarcasmist on March 25, 2010 - Comments (17)

Take that!

In the wake of the passage of new sweeping healthcare legislation, despite vehement opposition from republicans as well as some democrats, GOP members are planning to go back to basics.

“We are going to stage a protest against what we believe to be a clear violation of people’s rights. All GOP members of the US Congress are going to hold their breath, starting 12 noon on Friday March 26th, until they are blue in the face. If this doesn’t show President Obama that we are serious then there is no hope for America,” said a spokesperson.

Opposition democrats are calling the republican bluff, presumably because they know that the republicans are eventually going to have to start breathing again.


  1. well at least if they stop breathing, they will be able to get medical assistance!

  2. tracy, you’re an idiot. they can get medical assistance without obamacare you numbskull.

  3. tracy hater hater

    Sure, they probably could’ve, but you’re forgetting the website that you’re on.

  4. Tracy hater hater

    Tracy hater, you’re the idiot. Sure, they could get medical assistance prior to “Obamacare” they all HAVE health insurance.

    • no shit….thanks for restating the obvious. could you look up and tell me the color of the sky real quick?

  5. You’re all morons.

  6. Yes but is being blue in the face considered a pre-existing condition?

  7. I was smiling at them being blue because being “blue” means they’ll become Democrats… metaphorically speaking, of course.

    Sly humor there Sarcasmist!

  8. I’d also like to know whose money you are going to get that care with… btw…

  9. This is clearly part of the liberal agenda to turn it’s opposition into smurfs

  10. @Ghostrider:

    They already have one of the best healthcare plans available to people in the US–why the hell would they opt for something else?


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