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Fed to Fix the US Economy

Written by The Sarcasmist on August 11, 2010 | Comments (8)

In a bold move, the Federal Reserve is stepping up to save the U.S. economy once again. Following their successful save, the Fed is again ready to put its money where its mouth is and save the ailing economy yet again. The Fed said Tuesday that it would spend a relatively small amount of money ... Read More

Racist Congressmen Vote to Protect U.S. Border

Written by The Sarcasmist on August 10, 2010 | Comments (18)

The bill providing $600 million for a program which is designed to protect the US-Mexico border has been passed by the House of Representatives and will be signed into law by President Obama. The bill was previously approved by the Senate. The money will fund 1,000 new border patrol agents and 250 new customs and ... Read More

Statue of Liberty Getting Ready for Upgrades

Written by The Sarcasmist on August 9, 2010 | Comments (11)

For a period of twelve months, the Statue of Liberty will be closed in order to receive security upgrades. The closure will happen about a year from now and will deprive tourists and locals a chance to visit the crown, base, and pedestal. Visitors to one of New York’s most popular attractions will still be ... Read More

Don’t Vote for My Dad, Mr. Mantooth

Written by The Sarcasmist on July 27, 2010 | Comments (10)

Jan Schill of Oklahoma, along with her husband, took an ad out in the local newspaper (Purcell Register) to tell voters to not vote for her father for the position of district judge. Schill’s father, John Mantooth, says that his daughter is just upset about her parents’ 1981 divorce. Mantooth, in a three-way race for ... Read More

Allowing Police the Tools to Identify Illegal Immigrants is Crazy

Written by The Sarcasmist on July 27, 2010 | Comments (7)

With the hoopla surrounding the Arizona immigration law, there is another program which is not getting due attention. The federal government program uses fingerprint data to identify illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrant advocacy groups are against the program saying that it would result in more deportations than the Arizona law. Under the program, the fingerprints of ... Read More

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