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Biden visits our creditors

Written by The Sarcasmist on August 17, 2011 | Comments (3)

It has not become necessary for Vice President Joe Biden to visit China to help reaffirm the status of the United States as a World economic power. The visit was planned back in January of this year, but has since taken on a whole new significance as the United States has demonstrated that its political ... Read More

Dylan Ratigan: Slightly Miffed

Written by Sarcasmo on August 11, 2011 | Comments (3)

By now you’ve probably heard about Dylan Ratigan’s homage to the 1976 film “Network”.  If not, no worries.  You prefer a sheltered existence, devoid of current affairs.  It’s okay.  Really it is.  Who am I to judge?  I mean it’s not like the world is embroiled in various riots and protests and such.  But I ... Read More

Wisconsin voters apparently okay with no collective bargaining

Written by Sarcasmo on August 10, 2011 | Comments (5)

In a time, not too long ago, it seemed the entire nation was behind the Wisconsin people and their anger over Governor Walker’s anti-collective bargaining proposal.  Letters were written.  Protests were held.  Petitions were signed.  A recall election was organized. The recall election results are in:  the Democrats won . . . a moral victory.  ... Read More

No more teenagers in the house of representatives

Written by The Sarcasmist on August 9, 2011 | Comments (6)

House leaders announced yesterday that the page program would be coming to an end. For those of you unfamiliar with the house page program, it is the arrangement which allowed high school students to act as nonpartisan federal employees, providing administrative support services to the operations of the House of Representatives. The House is ending ... Read More

We’ll always be a AAA country, because we’ve always been a AAA country

Written by The Sarcasmist on August 8, 2011 | Comments (14)

That is the logic of our esteemed president, Barack Obama. This is why we elect leaders, so that during tough times we have someone in a position of authority who is not afraid to look us straight in the eye and read hollow mantras from a teleprompter. Obama is not in denial, he is just ... Read More

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