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Threat from terrorist toddlers

Written by The Sarcasmist on May 16, 2011 - Comments (7)

Remember the story of the little girl who got a TSA pat down a few weeks ago. Well, now we face an even bigger threat at the airport. In order for the United States to be safe from terrorism, it is now necessary to pat down toddlers.

The iron-rich poop must have set off the metal detector.

elliott.org has a pretty good entry about the incident which includes a response from TSA to the blogger. But no one seems to be asking the most important question that comes to mind after seeing the picture. Sure, the TSA agents patted the baby down to make sure the other had not hidden any explosives or box cutters on it, but did anyone check to see if the pacifier, the baby was so cutely sucking on, contained any kind of security threat? A simple pat down won’t do. Babies need to be strip-searched because they might be hiding something in the pudgy folds of their baby-fat.


  1. Baby rattlesnakes are more dangerous than grown ones!!!

  2. Honestly this seems ridiculous, but I’d rather real terrorists see this and acknowledge that babies aren’t a foolproof way to smuggle a bomb. It all seems ridiculous until they do something along those lines. Strip searches were crazy…until the underwear bomber. Rather have this baby patted down than another the victim of a radical parent who wants to weaponize them.

  3. Effing TSA stands for Total stupid Assclowns… Bwhhahhaha

  4. I just hope the tot filled up his diaper before being searched. That would teach ‘em!

  5. It’s not always about a bomb. The sad truth is, we live in a world where parents do try to smuggle things like drugs on the baby. You could load a lot of contraband into a diaper and carry a dozen more in a bag.

  6. Bob, the destroyer

    umm, how many pedophiles are currently applying to join the TSA… think perhaps we FOUND one, eh? The TSA pats down a 5 year old they are doing their job… A gym teacher pats down a student… See the problem here people, this is screwed up

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