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USPS runs out of important dead people

Written by The Sarcasmist on September 26, 2011 - Comments (5)

For the first time in history, the United States Postal Service will be considering having the image of a living person on a U.S. stamp.

Previously, the U.S. Postal Service required that the person who was to be immortalized on a stamp would have to have been dead for at least five years. Even this was a change from the more stringent rules in place before 2007 which called for the person to have passed at least 10 years before being considered to be commemorated on a U.S. stamp.

A statement from the Postmaster General, Patrick Donahoe said, “This change will enable us to pay tribute to individuals for their achievements while they are still alive to enjoy the honor.”

The Postal Service is inviting all Americans to submit their pick. They nomination can be submitted through their website, Facebook, Twitter, and of course the ever-relevant snail mail.

This got me thinking…is that just another way of saying “We’ve run out of important dead people”?

Hopefully this stunt will help renew interest in traditional mail, and get the USPS out of its multi-billion-dollar debt. But I don’t know how likely this is, since, unfortunately, the only people using stamps are not young enough to recognize anyone famous who is not yet dead, and they are the only people still buying stamps.


  1. If they wanted to renew their business, they really should only accept submissions through snail mail!!

  2. Joy.. I’m waiting for the Justin Bieber stamp

    or how about the tramp stamp.

  3. Oi. I use snail mail all the time for sending packages. And Im young!

    @Mike oh god no please not Justin Beiber… I was thinking more like Obama… He hasnt done anything but be the first black president, but I thing(hope) hes more likely than Beiber.

  4. Wow, they are REALLY getting desperate. Of course, most countries got rid of this requirement long ago, and have no problems putting anything on a stamp that will sell – Disney characters, Prince Andrew, etc. Most of these are third world countries who sell stamps as a revenue generator, and so it makes sense that America – becoming more and more like a third world country every day – should follow suit.

    My vote: Elvis.

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