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Veterinarians: The Solution to US Healthcare Woes

Written by The Sarcasmist on December 15, 2009 - Comments (17)
Healthcare: It's not just for your dog anymore.

Healthcare: It's not just for your dog anymore.

In a bold move, Congress has introduced an amendment to the languishing healthcare bill which promises to revolutionize U.S. healthcare. The amendment calls for veterinarians to be granted the right to treat humans for minor ailments. This amendment is projected to save billions of dollars a year in healthcare costs. What is more, there is a provision which will help reduce the cost of healthcare for pet owners who choose the same vet for themselves and their pet.

This is yet another way which the United States continues to show its innovative prowess.

This new amendment has gained huge support among evolutionists, who of course maintain that people are descendants of apes and considered animals. However, they are not the only group who strongly supports this new bill. PETA has also thrown its weight behind the bill, hoping that this will usher a new era where animals and humans are treated as equals.


  1. Are you fucking kidding me?????

    • Yes, it is called sarcasm.

    • Julie:
      I have never laughed so hard… and then I realized that although the article is pure sarcasm, it is not so farfetched with THIS congress that we might see such a bill.. this is the scary part, no?

      Merry Christmas

  2. Is this legit?
    If not, too far guys. I understand you’re all about sarcasm, but you should be putting sarcastic twists on existing stories, not making up fake ones. o.O

  3. Hilarious. This was a highlight of my day. xD

  4. Politics really has gone to the dogs…

  5. About time! We farmers have known for years Vets are better at treating humans than regular Drs for years. How many movies have you seen where a Vet treats a gun-shot wound victim and save them that an ER Dr. could never hope to even pull through the night? Fly bot? Vet. Broken leg? Vet. Scours? Vet. Mange? Vet. Multiple births? ( How many Drs deliver 30-35 newborns at once?)Vet. Ringworm? Vet. The only disadvantage I can foresee is the Vets ability to ‘Put Down’ their patients.

  6. My question is will my insurance cover the cost? :D

  7. As a veterinary student, I can tell you, veterinarians are way more qualified than MD’s to treat people. We are proficient in several times more procedures and treatments than our human medical colleagues. Veterinary medicine has far outstripped human medicine in preventative care and population health management. I’m surprised they didnt hand the healthcare bill to a veterinarian, he would have told you how to make it work.

  8. To the people who thought this was serious and/or were offended, seriously? Can you READ? Its called the SARCASMIST FOR A REASON! Get a life and a sense of humor. You must be a blast at parties and in life.

  9. My grandfather was a chief medical officer and always said that they were the best Drs. They have to treat 100’s of different species and their patients cannot speak.

    My Drs failed to diagnose my leukeamia. After my diagnosis, I mentioned 2 symptoms to my vet and he guessed the exact form of leukaemia straight away!

  10. Haha, beats doing it yourself! I would actually consider this as a viable alternative to a $64,000 hospital bill and pompous-ass condescension of being treated by some hot-shot doctor. Where do I sign?

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