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Obesity Epidemic Is Result of Bad Connotation

Written by The Sarcasmist on October 15, 2009 - Comments (86)

Apparently Prof. Amy Farrell is upset that people are being called obese. She says that…

“People can be thin and unhealthy, and people can be fat and unhealthy.” (Colbert Nation – min. 4:48 of the video)

Bravo professor! What school did you go to? I want to send my kids there too.

This is an absolute revelation! There is more than one reason why someone can be unhealthy. Who knew?!

She continues…

“I like the word ‘fat’ actually…[the word obese] has a very negative connotation. So there are many of us, who are scholars now, who are saying ‘let’s take it out and strip it out of some of its negative connotations’.” (Colbert Nation – min. 5:48 of the video)

This gives me an idea, let’s also call burglars ‘chattel reassignment advocates’, or call idiot professors ‘visionaries’. Soon we’ll have a society with no negative connotations and avoid hurting people’s feelings.


  1. Because we all know that being grossly overweight improves health so much… let’s all eat twinkies, sit on our butts and smoke cigarettes! Maybe then we can all be skinny and unhealthy!

  2. Has anyone stopped to consider that people can be fat AND healthy? You bunch of morons? What the hell??? I’m big, I work at a gym, work out daily, feel great. All you assholes of society need to piss off.

    • There is a difference between being fat, and being big and going to a gym. Since most people who are fat dont generally get much exercise you would be an exception. But you called yourself big which cognotates a different visual in my mind of someone who is not neccissarly having a large amount of fat on them rather their size is large because they are tall and have a mixture of a lot of muscle and some fat.

    • You work at a gym? Staying fit vicariously through others or just there to harrass the females? Maybe you mean to say you work out at a gym? If yes, then you MUST be healthy because studies have shown that working out cures heart disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, alzheimers, HIV/AIDS, malaria, diarrheal diseases, respitory and lucky for you brain tumors. But to answer your stupid question, no, we never stop to consider that people could be fat AND healthy. Fat and UNhealthy, yes, just like us skinny and unhealthy folk.

    • Bob… I cant say I have heard of this miricale cure for HIV and AIDS at the gym…..DO you run into a lot of people with Malaria on the tread mill just workin it off? How about Pnumonia? I bet there is a a bunch of those guys just swimming laps and running track….. And don’t get me started on how the Alzheimers guys are doing… (If only they would show up on time, how could they forget?)

    • The above commenter fails at recognizing sarcasm. Ironic.

  3. Gee, I think maybe going to anger management classes instead of the gym might be a better choice for you!

  4. What I hate is when obese people blame the fact that they can’t even walk because they’re so big on a “glandular disorder.” I mean, yeah there are some physical things that make you gain weight and make that weight very hard to lose, but your “glandular disorder” was probably started by the fact that you can’t keep your mouth away from all the freaking french fries and super sized combo meals. Try eating a salad once in a while, or subbing a starch for a veggie at dinner. It’s not that hard to eat healthy and still eat food that tastes good. It doesn’t have to be covered in grease to be tasty people….

    • Oh I must reply to this. As a medical professional who had been forced to retire early because of what you say is a “glandular problem” I have to say you are minimizing the problem a bit. I have severe hypothyroidism which has now become hashimotos disease which means my thyroid just does not work. Did it stop working because I overate? I dont think so. It is an autoimmune disease which has nothing to do with overeating. Maybe if the U.S. would not shoot up so many anti biotics and HGH into our foods, this so called epidemic would not exist. Also, being a medical professional for almost 14 years, I also witnessed doctors prescribing anti biotics for everything which does compromise the immune system after a while in such a way that they do not work anymore. So please do some research on this subject before slinging hatred.
      Why do you think we have organic foods being sold in our grocery stores? A coincidence? I think not.

    • Oh I ‘must’ reply to this…. Anne Marie, the fact that you had to mention that you were a “medical professional” more than once makes my doubt that you are at all. But that aside, there are dozens and dozens of “medical professional” occupations that one could hold for years and not know a damned thing about any sort of glandular thyroid disorder. Secretaries want that title now, as do Non certified nurses. Etc. But all that aside….
      Perhaps once you found out that you had this disease you went to see your doctor and he/she wrote you out a prescription for levothyroxine, which is the synthetic equivalent and identical to the hormone produced in your gland. I’ll bet after you began taking that and your metabolism and energy levels returned to normal (which they might not fully, but they will well enough. This is no reason to despair!) you spent the extra effort needed to reverse the effects (aka the weight gain)….. Clearly not.
      I’m certain you have reasons and excuses as to why you coulda, shoulda, woulda. But that fact remains. You had opportunities which were wasted and you made choices which you now regret. Blame not us, who see you as you are.

  5. Gee, I think people should lay off of what people look like!!!! Assuming all overweight people eat hamburgers and smoke all day is ludicrous and hurtful. I don’t need anger management… Certain people need a lesson in manners and reality!

  6. If you’re still fat after going/working at a gym, you’re probably doing everything wrong. Fatso.

  7. Agreed. It made me really annoyed when people starting forcing healthy options at fast food restraunts… Dont want to be fat and unhealthy?? DONT EAT THERE EVERY MEAL YOU RETARDS! Fast food is not meant to be an every day thing! Dont blame macdonalds for your fat ass, blame your laziness and no self control.. Thats what I do!

    • As much as I agree with you, Jx., I know there are many jobs that take people abroad and for them it’s more convenient and much less expensive to eat at a fast food place while they travel. Truckers for example. So give them their salads if that’s what they want. They taste like crap anyway. I’ll take my burger with fries and a large soda…no ice.

  8. Screw you Joe – I’ve lost 38 pounds in the last 3 months. Nothing like a bunch of jerks ready to point fingers and call names to bring a person down though. The thing is, you never really know what station people are at in life. I don’t even hold much out for junk food. Some people are genetically predisposed to obesity and have to work way harder than the average person to get it off and keep it off. I work out 5 -7 days a week, eat normally – and still have to put up with morons like you.

    • “and still have to put up with morons like you.”

      Funny, we were thinking the same thing about you. Good for you for losing the weight so far…doesn’t imply you are healthy which is the point of the article.

    • Moe.. In your defense. YOU WERE FAT.. But you unlike most of the population of fat people are doing something about it. Congrats on the weight lose….

      But back to the point at hand. Fat people are fat because they make themselves fat. There is NO OTHER true explentaion as to why your gaining weight.. Yes you workout you can eat more. Here is the key to not being such a fat ass. MORE CALORIES BURNT THEN EATEN!! If you follow that. your are GARANTEED to not be fat. But people are damn lazy and have no self control. This is why the percentage of this country is getting bigger.. Seriously…. On top of the fact that technology is making America lazier and lazier.. Lazyness and lack of knowledge and will power is why people are getting heavier and heavier.. You don’t even need the gym to lose weight.. It helps.. of course. But there is a lot more to it then the gym.. Stop going to Mcdonalds or a place like it more then 5 times a week. Its rediculous.. Go to subway….

    • i like how you call it an eating disorder Moe. Its not. It really isnt hard for someone to SIT and say “Hey, I wonder what would happen if I got UP off the couch and spent 15 minutes on a treadmill instead of 18 hours in front of the TV.

  9. Look folks, it is entirely possible to be large and healthy, happens everyday. The problem lies with those that are going above and beyond the call of “Large”. These people that make big people look anorexic, they have poor eating habits, and a less active lifestyle than your average three-toed sloth. Society enables these people, by giving them every excuse in the world to do something other than balance their diet, and begin to burn more than they consume. Big people, if you’re out there feeling great and are healthy on the whole, you rock. Those of you that exceed the big category, please help yourself for a change.

  10. Hmmm where to begin???

    “I work out I’m not fat!” –WRONG!– Do like Jared, eat lean you friggin idiots. Have some self control. Its not that hard to say to yourslef, “Hmmm, will this bring my heart attack closer, or push it away…?” Any person complaining on here should just shut up at go stand in front of the stair-stepper, I honestly think you could probably lose a few just looking at it. So go, do it, NOW!

    Oh I’m fat, it runs in my family…blah blah blah. No your fat because you don’t have self control and refuse to get up off your butt and take a walk. You disgust me…

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