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Orthorexia: Do you suffer from it?

Written by The Sarcasmist on April 28, 2011 - Comments (8)

Want to eat healthy? There is probably something wrong with you.

There is always a new condition from which people need to be rescued, and the professionals in the medical profession are more than willing to lend a hand to find these new conditions. After all, you and me couldn’t even understand what could potentially be wrong with us if a doctor doesn’t tell us about it.

The newest eating disorder that some people are suffering from is called ‘orthorexia’. Orthorexia sufferers may start by eliminating processed foods, artificial food flavoring or coloring, and even food that could have come in contact with pesticides. But it gets worse–those suffering from orthorexia may also stop caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and salt intake.

This is horrible news! Just as we as a society are gaining control over restless leg syndrome this comes along. By eliminating processed foods and artificial flavors and colors from their diet, those afflicted with this condition could suffer unspeakable consequences. This is why the new condition, orthorexia, has been recognized by therapists as a potentially big problem which can create not only health consequences (becoming more healthy) but also social ones (which pretty much means orthorexics would avoid eating with people who insist on gorging themselves on process foods and corn syrup).

For now the treatment for this condition is cognitive behavioral therapy, but hopefully in the near future there will be a drug that can make this horrible compulsion go away.

To learn more about orthorexia nervosa please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orthorexia_nervosa


  1. Don’t you people proof anything?

    “…from which people need to be rescued from”

    “After all, you and me couldn’t even understand could potentially be wrong with us…”

    “a potentially big problem which can create not only health consequences…and social ones as well”

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Ordinarily I agree with the general sarcastic spin of articles here.

    I should note, however, that a family member of mine entered a phase of this – until it almost killed her. I only wish I were being sarcastic at this point, but the fixation with healthy eating, with counting calories and so on and crying because she was hungry but felt she could not eat… she was days away from failure of vital organs.

    Fortunately, she’s doing better now she’s broken through the wall of orthorexia, but it took everything we had as a family to help her do it.

  3. nightingale801

    #ItsComplicated Am sorry that was my twitter reflexes.*enjoys some finger stretching* But I enjoyed reading it so much that I have no words left:DD there there take my free to aesthetic interpretation silence instead of *future scenarios based on collective or not mistakes of the past* & Jumping Deer cuckoo clock http://t.co/SDVnYDF via @youtube

  4. If you do eat with people who eat crap, they ‘worry’ about you and your aversion to their crap and try to ‘help’ you learn to like crap. So there’s that aspect to how orthorexia affects people socially. MSG and other food additives, allergens, hormones, fluoride, pasteurization… these things mean nothing to most people. I know too much, I guess.

    • nightingale801

      Ah, I never thought that I will see, read this name again . . . but the name I am referring too is Sha’ar, an old friend and your nickname reminded me of him, that’s all. About your comment, – if you are vulnerable to peer pressure, don’t really believe in what you choose to be doing and/or are unable to be charismatic or just convincing oh well, shit happens*2 you 2*. So easy

  5. renascencewoman

    smart brother, am i go’n to die?

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