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State to take fat kids away from parents?

Written by The Sarcasmist on July 13, 2011 - Comments (17)

Two doctors are arguing that states should have the right to take severely obese children away from their parents. This recommendation came through an editorial published today.

“State intervention may serve the best interests of many children with life-threatening obesity, comprising the only realistic way to control harmful behaviors,” wrote Lindsey Murtagh of the Harvard School of Public Health and David Ludwig of Children’s Hospital in Boston. (AP)

Of course, there is an uproar against this suggestion since it infringes on the right of American parents to feed their kids whatever they please. Aside from that, these doctors seem to lack the common sense to think of the unintended consequences that such a law may cause. If this type of a law existed on the books, what is to keep parents who are sick of their unruly kids to plump them up enough to fall under the terms of this law? Sometimes this academic types don’t stop to think before they speak (write).


  1. What is to keep parents from beating their children, or letting them play in the street, just to get em off their hands?

  2. There are plenty of ways to “get rid of” unruly kids. I for one would be GLAD to see an abused child taken away from someone who would willingly plump them up for that purpose… leaving them in that home would NOT be a good thing.

  3. These “doctors” need a course to go to so they can differentiate between lazy patents and actual “abusively negligent” and just plain lazy parents. I have a 3 yr old and I watch what she eats like a drill instructor (or so my family says most of the time). It’s NOT that hard to regulate what they eat at home, and if those good eating habits are set by parents EARLY enough and with little negotiating you CAN raise a non-junk food kid. Is it irresponsible to let your kid’s get obese and suffer the consequence…yes! Neglect to the point of abuse, no! Instead of pulling the kid’s from their homes why don’t we mandate nutritional (or some other kind of helpful) courses, they do at the WIC office. Specifically because a lot of “Diet Coke moms” don’t have the tools they need to do it at home. Which is, sadly, a prevalent problem in the lower income class of of our generation. Top that with processed, unhealthy foods being usually cheaper and you have a recipe for an obese America!

  4. This really is ridiculous, because getting the state involved will only further complicate the complications. Not to mention the unfortunate implications these laws will give rise to, because if a precedent is started for taking children from parents, it will only result in further liberties being taken away from the American people. Also, this issue is especially arbitrary, considering that more genetic and epigenetic research is suggesting that your genes and their regulators have a much greater impact on susceptibility to obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders than previously imagined. I think this issue needs to be looked at from an environmental, and not solely a parental point of view.

    • I agree with everything you posted with the exception of Diabetes- Only type 1 is genetic, with type 1 its hard to gain weight. Type 2 is acheived by a poor diet- or more blunted put by stuffing your face. Type 2 is reversible by diet and excercise. Sorry for nit-picking.

    • bluntly*

    • Why not? The States or the Federal Govt have endless funds to get involved! It’s not like we have bigger problems on our hands as parents or a society…

  5. People who were obese children struggle with the consequences for the rest of their shortened lives. I’d definitely take a few beatings rather than deal with type II diabetes as a child.
    the real difference here is that the parents of obese children might still love their kids and want what is best. the state could save money and families by having court mandated or even optional classes on nutrition and health for families. they could teach healthy, affordable and time effective cooking classes with better results than foster care. by the doctor’s argument, obese people shouldn’t be allowed to take in foster children due to the risk of fattening foods. weight can’t become part of the criteria for adoption or foster care, so it can’t be criteria for raising biological children. that is a better argument than assuming a parent would fatten their child up in order to get a child abuse charge.

  6. Feeding your child food with little to no nutritional value is not exactly a liberty that parents really need to have, and it’s not like of they pass this that they will make cupcakes illegal, let’s not get the snowball effect out of control here. As a person who used to be obese, and had made many life changes to lead a healthier life I can tell you its hard enough having old fashioned parents who still think that not eating to the point of being full at every meal is unhealthy, or that a vegetarian diet is less healthy than a person who ways KFC everyday. Its another thing for patents who think that healthy food is simply too expensive to have in your house, and yet think that their dvd collection, computer, and internet connection are well worth the costs. America as a whole really needs to adjust some priorities and change their overall attitude if the obesity epidemic will ever go away. Some people still in 2011 don’t believe Obesity is a serious health hazard. There was a day when people felt the same way about cigarettes. Bring genetically prone to Obesity is no excuse for poor health habits any more than being genetically prone to cancer makes it okay to smoke or let your children smoke. I think if there aer no signs

  7. I love it how interesting posts become a discussion instead of sarcastic replies.

  8. That’s what I get for posting on my phone, lol. What I was trying to say is of there are no signs of healthy behavior being encouraged in the household, or healthy food available in the household, then I wouldn’t disagree, but I say give parents who aren’t too stubborn to admit fault a chance to change first.

  9. Evidently some doctors have way too much free time on their hands. next only blond hair and blue eyes will be permitted by the state and the Fatherland… Dumb a**es

  10. If parents want to stuff their own faces for years and years, let them. Then can die of a heart attack and then the kids can go live with somebody else. The kid learns a valuable lesson that eating a lot of bad foods slowly kills you so they will not eat a lot as a result of this. That way no law has to be passed. Now everybody wins :)

    • No, it’s a slow death, so the kids will be into their adult years before their parents die, and then they themselves will have children and then die slowly, so the cycle repeats itself. Obviously.

      Also, from the article, “Sometimes this[sic] academic types don’t stop to think before they speak (write).” Being ironic? Stick with sarcasm. Just saying.

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