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Only One Fifth of One Percent of the Population Likes Sarcasm

Written by The Sarcasmist on July 22, 2010 - Comments (24)

One of the most repeated headlines of the day is about the new milestone reached by Facebook; namely that it now has over 500 million active members. Reading this, a terrible realization dawned on me—with only about one million fans, the Sarcasm Society is ‘liked’ by only 0.2% of the Facebook user-base. Does this mean that only 0.2% of the population likes sarcasm (me)?

It is terribly vexing that some weirdly named ‘actor’ like Vin Diesel is ‘liked’ by more than twelve million Facebook users, but an upstanding and socially responsible organization such as the Sarcasm Society has only a little over one million. But at least Vin Diesel is still alive. My beautiful ‘society’ is even behind Michael Jackson; he’s dead, people. I’m alive! (Perhaps if I type my blog entries wearing a sparkly glove or with a monkey on my back, or better yet, both, then I’ll start gaining popularity.)

Anyway, not being as popular as you thought you were is a hard pill to swallow. I suppose I will have to make peace with toiling in anonymity.


  1. do you really want to be liked by that other 99.8% of simpletons who don’t get or appreciate good sarcasm when it slaps them in the face??…well…do ya?!?

  2. I agree with Ezel. Do you really want people on here who don’t appreciate sarcasm, and who will make stupid comments on each article saying “That wasn’t funny”? And, BTW, I like you and Michael Jackson. I’m a great multitasker.

  3. Ezel is right!! But I’m a little hurt … isn’t my love enough for you???

  4. Come on now guys! The one million fans he has have all completely understood sarcasm! Their comments on his posts and on these stories have been enlightened glimpses into minds that clearly have more understanding than my own.

    I have the utmost confidence in the fans of the Sarcasm Society, and I think that if we were to grow in number by 499 million, we would retain the same sense of brotherhood and intelligent conversations that we have now.

  5. nightingale801

    Actually? Just to straighten things out. Since January I became the personification of the origin of the word sarcasm so, you are the official spokesman and not the word sarcasm:p I am going to write about that one day but not yet and if you want to find out what the origin of the word sarcasm is go to answers dot com

    About your anonymity :) Eh, you are you, as always? If not yeah, hide behind the anonymity (whatever gets you through the night is alright) as John Lennon sang once upon a time and you are such a cry baby jeeeze but that might mean that you need to start thinking on how you can develop your website so you can get what you want, more followers instead of dreaming of being the monarch of Sarcasm Society and then wake up:) . . . and just in case I made you eh . . . cry then here is a *comforting hug from me*and yes it it totally ok to fake your tears but that’s that, *whisper*just to show that I am not as heartless as I may seem*smile for the camera dear*

    • Punctuation would increase the readability of your comments immensely.

    • I’ve been following your responses to these posts, and you truly have mastered your art form. You give your opinion clearly, concisely, and without any condescension. You have a clear understanding of the driving force of sarcasm, and you use it often.

      All in all I would have to conclude that you are a quality fan, and that the rest of us should emulate your behavior.

    • Thanks Mikel! How nice of you to notice! ;-)

    • nightingale801

      hmb thank you for your suggestion that provides a solution to your problem.

      . . . and Jeeze Mikel! Again? Why are you suggesting scary things? . . . and to those that believe you . . .

    • Yes, you not making any sense is a huge problem for me. Since you are clearly unresponsive to my request, I can only hope that this is another problem Obama will fix for all of us.

    • nightingale801

      Lol hmb :) I will not lead your reading experience you are free to read as you think I ‘ve intended it to be and if it still doesn’t make any sense try again from the beginning and place the punctuations somewhere else learn how to read empathetically and not mechanically this is what is probably implied? . . .

  6. You have a more loyal fanbase than any of those mentioned.
    Not only do we read all the updates and articles, a few of us have gotten together and created an underground group that stalks you everywhere you go. Only thing is — its part of our character, we don’t make things too obvious, so, even now you’d probably won’t be able to spot us. Keep up the good work, don’t stop(if you want to remain unharmed). and we’ve noticed you have too much coffee, reduce it.

  7. Here’s a brilliant idea:
    Start a fanpage that says: “99.8% of people won’t get this sarcastic remark.” And then in order for people to view the sarcastic remark they have to become fans of the sarcasm society!

  8. Not everyone on FB is aware of the existence of the Sacramist. For your comparison to be valid, you need to compare how many people actually know you’re alive and then take a percentage of the ones who subscribe to your valuable blog. Then compare this percentage to that of Vin’s fans.

    I’m one of the people who prefer quality to quantity. Would you be able to handle the adoration of the masses?

    Vin Diesel wouldn’t be able to walk on the street and go anywhere, he would get harassed. You connect directly with the minds of your victims/readers.

    So spit out the “not being as popular as you thought you were” pill, and have a nice cool drink.

    In the end, I think you are being sarcastic here, you don’t want to be famous, because if you did, you would have probably achieved it with much ease, one way or another.

  9. YOUR fans are thinking people…Vin Diesel’s fans are big muscular, sweaty, fast driving…ooo..is it getting warm in here…um, yeah, YOUR fans are a limited, exclusive group of free thinkers who don’t need their comments to be posted for other big, muscular, sweaty, hard, fast driving…is the air on in here? Yeah, um…I’m going to Blockbuster…be back in 15…

    • nightingale801

      *lol* Hello Treehugger:D I sooo enjoyed reading your delightful & masterfully insightful comment. I also think that I know why you are experiencing this disturbing (?) atmospheric change.

      It is called Hot flashes and it is caused by the hormonal changes of menopause or andropause(I do not know your gender just your(?) sexual preferences and I only have your comment to refer to)

      Yours truly

    • nightingale801

      . . . and my comment is awaiting moderation, although it didn’t include a hyperlink:)hm:)

    • Sing sweet Nightingale! You are quite observant…although I am denying it, you are also right! I THINK I could take on a Vin Diesel…but might walk away rather wobbly…the mind is willing…(giggle)

    • nightingale801

      *giggles as well*

  10. I barely understand good Sarcasm, but I love this place, Even have the RSS feed as a RSS bot on our forum.

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