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Why do people care about Kim Kardashian?

Written by The Sarcasmist on November 19, 2010 - Comments (7)

The New York Times felt the need to answer this vital question.

The amount of hostility toward Ms. Kardashian seems to raise the same question you might ask when presented with the amount of admiration for her, or the fact that, on her Twitter account, she has 5.3 million followers: Why do people care? (nytimes.com)

Sadly, the article doesn’t answer the question at all. It does, however, provide a lot of helpful quotes from Kardashian fans.

One would expect a bit more from the New York Times. Perhaps some social commentary or even gossip, but instead the article just talks about highly uninteresting facts.

So let me do the writer’s job for him. Kim Kardashian is loved because people always aspire to be rich and famous by doing nothing, so naturally throngs of mindless baboons will fawn over anyone who is able to accomplish this, and emulate her in hopes of having some of her fame and success rub off on them.

So the answer, dear NYT, is that people don’t care about Kim Kardashian, they just care about her ability to be rich and famous without having a single redeemable quality (her curves notwithstanding). The writer of the article should not feel bad though. I realize that he couldn’t just come out and say these things, because it would most likely cost him his cushy job at the venerable New York Times, for having the gall to tell the truth.


  1. So. Since you did THE writer’s job for him, did you get paid for it?

    *Apologies for noting your omission of the word “the” in that sentence… I have been self-diagnosed with a rare form of OCD where I am compelled to at least notice all mistakes in grammar and spelling, if not correct them*

  2. OMG! One of the Kardashians got a gig on a soap opera! There goes America…. bye…. I’ll miss ya!

  3. My oh my so many beautiful things a glimpse of the sea, fishing hooks, floating ghosts and the circus. A glimpse of the hierarchy. As above so below etc.

    a text that helps you find your place(if you don’t know where you are or what you might become – for you or someone else or not), allows your intelligence to find what is you or what(for the moment)fulfills your needs(among other things)helps you move on or not.

    Then there is the love and hate thingie, there is no hate, there is warm love and there is cold love, that becomes the right or wrong inner environment to exist in(I am my country as someone mentioned). This is what I think. Once again, a good text*clap*clap* ah and my answer to the title-question? “Why do people care about Kim Kardashian?” because they need something else to focus their attention on and pay attention to themselves while doing so(feel precious or not) or simply find what is the right way to be while criticizing someone else. So, hm, it is all about growing up or down:D, learning or not. Helping each other or not. Eh. Thank you for sharing your thoughts:)

    • A bunch of pleasant words strung together and not a sign of proper syntax or critical thinking anywhere in sight. It’s almost as if the aforementioned NY Times article wasn’t proof enough of what’s wrong with our society…

  4. Great little bit!

    You should read “The Culture of Narcissism” by Christopher Lasch. Talks about this type of thing.

  5. Kim K. has become the patron saint of 5+ million vapid mouth-breathers. Her ex-husband called her a ‘talentless fame whore’ for good reason. Her admirers like to wax poetic about her ‘style’ while forgetting that she has a professional stylist, makeup artist and hairdresser who take care of that for her. Her behavior has also been described as being less than stellar towards those she deems beneath her. I am sick and tired of seeing non-entities like her getting so much press coverage, in spite of their utter uselessness and ungodly sense of entitlement. The sheer idiocy of celebrity worship is too much to bear sometimes.

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