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Pack up, the end of the World is tomorrow.

Written by The Sarcasmist on May 20, 2011 - Comments (17)

I'd wish for the end of the World too, if I looked like that.

It’s that time of the decade (there really aren’t consistent intervals, but you get the idea) when people in tune with the cosmic secrets of religion tell the rest of us how the end of the World is nigh. This time it’s ¬†Harold Camping who once again (he predicted a similar event in 1994) is letting us know that the second coming of Christ is upon us (for the second time since 1994–that was apparently a false alarm). And the date on which the end of the World will commence is said to be May 21st, 2011. That’s right, tomorrow.

The prediction states that the second coming will be accompanied by a massive earthquake 6:00 p.m.-ish. The whole world will be shaking so don’t think you can just fly to some remote place and be saved. But I guess if you are in an airplane when the event happens you’ll be spared a shake.

So, I guess this will be my last post, which I am sure is a relief for those of you who hate what I write but have no choice but to come back day-after-day and read my blog entries. Finally you’ll be free of my satanic hold on you.


  1. Damn…. I just dropped off my Dry-Cleaning and it won’t be ready until Monday. That sucks. More money wasted…. Oh well. I guess I won’t need shirts after tomorrow anyway.

    • You think that’s bad? I paid my rent up until june! I could have blown that money on something else. :(

  2. Quick! Fap and make it count!

  3. oh great at least it wont start till 6pm, have got time to clean the house do the laundry,mind i dont do the ironing till sunday,oh what the hell hate ironing anyway.

  4. angela orangifard

    so 6 pm…what time zone…or will it be more like a ripple effect?

  5. i live in the uk so what time will we get it?…

  6. No! The Canucks are soooo close to winning the cup for the first time, please wait until after the playoffs to kill us all. Pretty please.

    • PhilosopherQueen

      Good article :) This whole thing is so ridiculous I can’t help but laugh.
      But part of me kind of hopes it’s true. I’m like: “Bring it! There’s far too many people on this planet, I think it could certainly use a fresh start”. And whether I make it or not, I don’t really care. Too bad there’s zer chance he’s right… *sigh* Maybe in December 2012, though? Fingers crossed.
      LOL.. seriously, though, there seems to be a doomsday theory every few years, eh? 1994, Y2k, this, then 2012… how many times do people have to get it wrong before idots stop believing them?
      Also, @pinned: GO CANUCK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • PhilosopherQueen

      *canuckS…. in my excitement, I forgot the S.

  7. The Canucks are safe– at least some of them. Actually, his prediction states that Jesus Christ will return tomorrow, causing the “Rapture”, when all true believers will rise into Heaven with him. The world will actually come to an end on October 21, 2011. So unless all of the Canucks and our esteemed Sarcamist can GUARANTEE that they are taking the last flight out, there will be time. It may even help, depending on the spiritual status of the opposing team.

  8. Cashed my paycheck, but will wait to pay my bills till Monday. Cuz I’m sure I will be one of those meant too stay and face the “torture and torment” that will befall all us sinners, but just maybe those I owe will be lucky enough to “go with God,” and then I will get to keep my cash! ;o)

  9. 6pm-ish…on what time zone?
    hmmm, even if it would be 6pm EST, then it will be 12pm CET (wher I’m from), which is on sunday… so i guess that Europe has got a day extra :D

  10. NEWS FLASH: Jesus isn’t coming tomorrow. He’s still Jewish. He can’t work on the Sabbath.

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