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Sharks attack Russia

Written by The Sarcasmist on August 22, 2011 - Comments (6)

Sarcastic Sinews No. 29


  1. It would be cool if they spelled coast correctly.

    • Would also be cool if they had pluralized ‘shark’. Maybe it was just some witty comment on foreign attempts at speaking English.

      But probably not.

    • Li, it would indeed have been cool to have done it right the first time. But thanks to your vigilant self, I’ve now been able to right two horrible wrongs.

  2. GalacticSuperstarMcAwesomeville

    I’ve always thought it would be dolphins first.. they so much smarter……..

    • We tried with dolphins but some *sshat taught them about sex for pleasure and now we can’t get them to stop screwing each other. We decided to go with sharks instead because their pleasure center is focused primarily in their desire to eat stuff. So we taught them biting for pleasure and blam-o, attack sharks!

  3. If the Russians only have to worry about Sharks in the water then they are doing better than us!!! Ours live in tall buildings downtown!!

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