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The Fight on Terror Continues

Written by The Sarcasmist on January 17, 2011 - Comments (6)

Sarcastic Sinews No. 19


  1. Absentia? Isn’t that the stuff the ‘Lost Generation’ was drinking?

  2. absynth, you mean?

  3. comments on politics require wider diction..

  4. I’d say we lost. We have less rights than we did and Governments have more power. Far from standing up for civil rights Agents of our Government have used torture on people who had nothing to do with terrorism as they always do. It happened in Northern Ireland and it happened here. In both cases torture was not used to save lives rather it was used to protect the status quo.

  5. nightingale801

    There should be a *to be continued exit sign* ;D I love sinews, always something new:)

  6. When someone asks a stupid question and you provide them with the answer and their response is
    Them: “Seriously?”
    Me: “Yeah, versus NOT seriously”

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