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Holy Warmed Over Testicles Batman!

Written by The Sarcasmist on November 8, 2010 - Comments (12)

A new study, out today, warns laptop computer users about sperm damage due to temperature increase in the testicles as a result of the heat emanating from the laptop computer (when they are balanced on the lap of the user).

The researchers hooked thermometers to the scrotums of 29 young men who were balancing a laptop on their knees. They found that even with a lap pad under the computer, the men’s scrotums overheated quickly. (Reuters)

The study, which was conducted by Dr. Yefim Sheynkin at the University of New York at Stony Brook, goes on to say that men in the reproductive age range are the ones using laptop computers the most, and this could have an adverse effect on their level of fertility.

The good doctor is right, we should do everything in our power to make sure our teenagers are as fertile as possible.


  1. Yes, we can never have enough babies.

  2. Apple of my Eye

    Just another good reason to use an iPod or any other handheld computer instead. It’s a good thing everything continues to get smaller, and they say size doesn’t matter. Ha!

  3. Hm and Hm . . .hm.hm.hm!.m.


    otherwise the soon to be overpopulated planet thanks the laptop manufacturers!

  4. THANK GOD i put an in use microwave under my laptop and not a stupid lap pad..

  5. OMG! I read this article because the title just seemed delicious… When reading I sat here and my eyes just widened! I was Dr. Sheynkin’s assistant back in the early 2000’s! Way to go Dr. Sheynkin! I’m sure he would have loved the comment about keeping our teenagers as fertile as possible!

  6. and they say the geek will inherit the earth, not with those overheated testicles they won’t!

  7. I see a flaw in this! The problem is that it is all the chavs (or wiggers to the americans) who are breeding like no tomorow. The flaw in that is the only reason they would have a laptop is if they stole it and they certainly wouldnt know how to use it even if that was the case.

  8. Patricia Kirchner

    Then use the damn things in the winter only….

  9. That is perhaps the funniest bit of medical news that I have heard in a long time, it may be true but it’s still funny!

  10. Awwwww, nuts!

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