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Bert and Ernie to get married (to one another)?

Written by The Sarcasmist on August 10, 2011 - Comments (26)

Bert and Ernie

The idea is being pushed by Illinois resident Lair Scott through a petition on change.org last week and has so far received more than 1000 signatures. The idea is that if done tastefully, it would really help the cause of LGBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) youth.

Before finding out that the petition had over 1000 signatures, I was thinking that there would be no support for a harebrained idea like this, but I now stand corrected that Bert and Ernie should not only get gay married on the show, they should also gay consummate the gay marriage.

Shockingly, the show’s producers are reaffirming their bigoted ways by refusing to introduce gay marriage into the show. If Sesame street can have a blood-sucking vampire be one of the characters why can’t they show two puppets getting married? It’s never too early to teach children about complex social relationships. Right as they are learning to count they can also learn about the intense psychological, social, and political battles that are fought over highly sensitive matters such as sexual orientation. Ideally, Sesame Street should also dedicate an episode (to come after the marriage episode) which deals with gender reassignment surgery where Bert becomes Bernadette.


  1. I feel so sorry for the 3-5 year old gay, lesbian, bi and transgender community. They are being poorly represented…..

  2. For decades, I always thought his name was Ernie, who the heck is Earnie?

  3. While I don’t think it is wise to have them get married, there is the precedent of Sesame street’s African version having an HIV positive character on the show. Both shows are created and produced under the same organization. HIV positive people face a similar stigma there.

  4. really ?? this is a kids program ffs !!
    straight relationships aint thrust upon 3-5 year olds
    in the name of god let kids be kids !!
    gay marriages between two gay puppets !!
    wtf is the world coming too 3-5 year olds dont know what or who they are for crying out loud !!
    get real !

    • It’s sarcastic.. They don’t really thing it should be done

    • That is because you are operating under the believe that sexual orientation is something that develops with puberty and physical sexual development. However, any straight person who had a crush in Kindergarten should know that simply isn’t true, and it’s not true for Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexual, and Transgender people also.

      I don’t think they need to get married, but it wouldn’t be horrible if Bert and Ernie were open. They don’t have to kiss or hold hands or get married. As a matter of fact something more subtle would be preferred.

  5. Get Babara Walters on this immediately! She did a recent 20/20 report on misunderstood children, as young as 4, that were pre-transgendered. Their frustration at being trapped in the wrong body was looked at as a crime of nature. Barbara will get those Sesame Street producers on the right track right quick! I betcha!

  6. So they want two puppets to get married. My kids could care less and when you as what gay means they say happy. I’m not here to judge, could care less if you gay,lesbian,trans..But keep your ways away from childrens programs. I will just start a potition to cancel it for subjecting children to immoral actions..let’s see who wins.

  7. Um, shouldn’t kids be kids. At that age, they both play with cars and barbies. There is no concept of boy or girl, why do we have to push this on them. Why don’t we then show Oscar the grouch going to Afghanistan? Big Bird as a mentally handicapped bird? Grover as a pedophile and serial killer? I don’t think there’s any Jewish puppets either? Maybe the adults in these groups need to grow up themselves.

    • I think Elmo should play the pedophile. He’s got that right kind of creepiness.

      While not add Animal as a drug addicted musician? Snort up some meth and… “BEAT DRUMS!”

  8. um…none of the puppets are married. none of them have any romantic relationships at all, lol. so i’m thinking this isn’t gonna happen. at the target age of this show, there isn’t any attraction like that to either gender. kids that age will be fascinated by both, but not attracted. that’s the psychology of it. so no, marriage (gay or not) isn’t appropriate for a show targeted at that age group.

    • NotARubberDuck

      that isn’t true, there is the muppet Natasha, she’s a baby and has two parent muppets, not to mention the Yip Yip’s had a whole song with lyrics such as “Yip Yip You, Yip Yip Me, Yip Yip baby, Yip Yip Family.” Even Elmo has been shown with his mom and dad as well. They may not show kissing and such, but it is understood that the couples are married even though they are muppets. The Count has a very obvious relationship now as well.

    • NotARubberDuck

      and as for HUMAN marriage, they had a whole episode dedicated to Maria and Louis showing the wedding. so for that matter, do you even watch the show?

  9. nightingale801

    I think it’s a good idea, I was almost seven years old when I was introduced to a transgender person(he hadn’t got new boops yet)but he(he wanted to be called a he) was a very kind person he died one day but regradless later on in life when I heard my peers talk about transgender persons I was able to debunk their third-hand mediated perceptions based on hearsay stories. Other children didn’t have the opportunity that I was given and just agreed with what older people felt about them(unfair). About the gay marriage the only truth is that it is not always a happy (gay)marriage:D something different, kids are already introduced to the idea of marriage through films, fairytales, news and gossip etc. so no big deal I will also assume that when Bert and Ernie consumate their marriage it will be in a bathtab with a pirate vibrating duck and lots of soap bubbles:D :?

  10. David Sterling

    Hell man, its a kids show!!! Can we just let children be children, and enjoy the innocence of there youth.
    Think here people!!! How much does this really benefit the well being of children. What do children who can barely read, count, or tie their shoes know about sex/sexuality.
    I’m sorry, but more and more the so called “LGBT causes” are beginning to sound like a movement consisting of individual determined to vent their pains upon society, and they’re willing to use children to do it.

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