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Look Ma, I Knows Grammar!

Written by The Sarcasmist on October 28, 2009 - Comments (58)

misspelledI have been put to shame countless times by the Internet grammarians who are ever so vigilant in their efforts to put an end to sloppy spellcheckers and grammar ignoramuses run amuck.

I wanted to take time to apologize for my irreverence towards these kind souls who roam the Internet selflessly correcting all of us who dare to misspell something on a blog or a comment we post on social networking site. I bow to their intellectual enormity and their willingness to stamp out misspellings and grammar mistakes wherever they may occur.

My new-found respect for these faceless heroes may be ridiculed by some, but I know in my heart that they mean well and are not simply looking for attention. And I know that their confrontational ways are only fueled by good will and not self-loathing and the desire to feel good for something.

So I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. Please continue to ignore the big picture and linger on minutia. And don’t feel bad if you spell something incorrectly while pointing out someone else’s spelling errors; I am sure another of your ilk will swoop down from the shadows and correct your misstep.


  1. Lawlz. This is prefect.
    Yes, that’s on purpose.

  2. B-E-A-utiful!
    That is just perfect :)

  3. It’s “minutiae.”

    Sorry (snicker).

  4. isn’t that spelled ‘minutiae’34UL

  5. Nice! Not to be a stick in the mud on this subject, but I think what bugs us “older folk” about grammar/spelling errors, are that they are turning up much worse nowadays than, say, 10, or even 5, years ago. Having to grade essays where the student writes something like “We went 2 the store and u dropped a bottle of milk” or “Their gradz is messed up wut kind of dumass carez about **** like diz. There stupid.” Seriously, the line needs to be drawn: In school/At work NO, out of school/to your friends, Go Ahead.

    • I don’t think I qualify to be in the “older folk” category… but I’m right there with you on drawing a line! What really bugs me about the continuous poor spelling is that it is allowed when people are trying to make a serious point. If it’s a blog, it’s a blog. Writing about your day to day life isn’t always that interesting. When you’re trying to make a point and be taken seriously, however, misspelling words isn’t exactly the way to go! I cannot help but question the credibility of the person presenting the argument when they have trouble with their language. If they don’t know simple grammatical rules in their native tongue, why should I think they know anymore about politics? Even worse is when they use “your” instead of “you’re” or confuse “there”, “their”, and “they’re”.

    • What’s worse is when, seamingly educated people, pronounce the “T” in the word often and add an “S” to anyway. Especially when it is a public figure, newscaster, etc. That’s when I truly get urked.

    • @Cheryl: The pronunciation of the “T” in the word “often” is not a mistake. Information on this occurrence is extensive and not easy to analyse.

    • Aaaahahahaha! Don’t get too “urked” now!

      It’s not faaaair! Ottoman and Automan sound exactly the same! Waaaaah!

    • Casting Nasturtiums

      So… do you mean that errors are “more frequent” or are the errors themselves “getting worse”, when you say “turning up worse”?

  6. You’re putting out a presentation of yourself. If you want to put out a presentation that shows you can’t take the time to spell out a three letter word, then I’m not going to feel bad saying that you’re probably bad at the little things that matter. Like grammar, spelling and foreplay.

  7. Doesn’t fueled have a double L?


  8. Also the first sentence doesn’t make grammatical sense. It should be “I have been put to shame countless times by the Internet grammarians who are ever so vigilant in their efforts to put an end to sloppy spellcheckers and grammar ignoramuses *who* run amuck.” Just thought I would add my two cents. :D

  9. grammar nazis have been around since the internet became public. I used to be one, until i was horded by abbreviated speech in text format and gave up. If you can understand it, theres no reason to correct it. i dont think anyway. Hell, theres really no reason for people to be hounding one another over grammatical errors – theres far more important things to worry about.

  10. Wait… I think the whole point of this is to BE SARCASTIC.

    Just saying, you guys take this WAY too seriously. And to address what Billy said…
    Any kid who writes that in their essays deserve an F. That is unacceptable, and they should learn to write in English correctly. If they really think someone’s going to hire them filling out an application like that, then they need a wake-up call NOW.

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