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M&M candy in hot water with the ACLU

Written by The Sarcasmist on June 17, 2013 - Comments (12)


The ACLU is accusing Mars, the candy company, of discriminatory practices because of their M&M candy. The ACLU cites the name of the candy as their main evidence, saying…

“They [Mars] could have picked any letter, but they chose ‘M’, and coated their chocolate in a rainbow of colors, and you expect us to believe that this choice was just a fluke?”

The ACLU in support of the LGBT community is demanding that Mars Candy offer at least an F&F option, but would prefer to see not only F&F candy (using plaid candy coating, of course) but also varieties to include M&F, B&B, as well as T&T chocolate.

Mars, has refused my request for an interview, saying that I’m crazy and that the ACLU has filed no such complaint, and that it would be ridiculous for them to do so. I personally think that they are stalling, until they have had the time to revamp their production lines to add the new lettering on their candy. I am just glad that the ACLU always picks the fights that others are afraid to pick. The fear of looking like a fool is not an easy one to overcome.


  1. Just plain weird…if true then they could not mix them, or at least I hope not. And then it would really show how much of a minority the Lg… Is.

  2. m… Mars… when will people just pull their heads out of their asses and find somethinf better to complain abt… like our economy and the homeless…

    • Dude….you do realize that the name of the blog you’re reading this on is “Sarcasm Society”, right?

  3. i can’t believe some people believed this. wtf

    • I completely agree with you! For those who do believe what they are reading-please remember WHERE you are reading this.

  4. Sure they have M’s, but they already have W’s and E’s. Just depends on how you look at it.

  5. As worthless and ridiculous as the ACLU is, I could see them filing a law suit like this.

  6. Which part of this is sarcasm?

  7. Is this sarcasm or just a lie?

  8. Uhhh, if they notice, they also have some 3s Es and Ws in there as well.

  9. They may not melt in your hands, but they will melt in hot water.

  10. I can see how some people might believe this. Do you watch the news? The ACLU will sue for just about anything. I didn’t believe it but, again, I can see how someone could… Some idiot…

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