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Old People Bitter About Being Old

Written by The Sarcasmist on September 2, 2010 - Comments (8)

A recent study suggests that older people enjoy reading or hearing news about negative stories about their younger counterparts. The study concludes that older people feel this way because seeing younger people deal with misfortune make them feel better about themselves.

“Living in a youth centered culture, they may appreciate a boost in self-esteem. That’s why they prefer the negative stories about younger people, who are seen as having a higher status in our society,” said Dr. Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick, of Ohio State University. (Reuters)

This is terrible news. The youngsters of today look up to their elders and honor them, and this is what they get in return? This is especially true in western countries where older people are admired for their wisdom and life experiences, but now we find out that they are secretly enjoy seeing young people suffers setbacks in their lives. This is indeed a shame.


  1. hihi that was so funny it was a slalom reading experience:D and the big question is: How old is the writer? Maybe not old enough (or wise enough)to realize that old people need young people, people that are still pure, that still have dreams and untainted ambitions and not carrying with them so many memories(perhaps experiences) young people that posses the pure strength and determination, that still have the ability to focus on the goal and not the obstacles or the (memory of past time obstacles and the bitter aftertaste of ‘victories’)younger people that remind them of their forgotten selves*once upon a time* and at the same instant make them realize that their life-experiences can help others and that makes them feel valuable and pure(for a second or two, it depends). – from my point of view of course:)

    Thank you for sharing and there are of course those that feed on negative feelings and insecurities but that is another chapter:)

  2. It’s just that we old folks know our ways are better…I just knew that internet thing would be a passing fad…told ya so! We love to say that! Told ya so! Growth hormones in milk, antibiotics injected in meat, genetically modified seeds? What a mess! Told ya so!

    • *lol* hello you:) I ‘ve been tempted those days(almost 3 days)to express my opinion about what you attempt to personify:)I don’t know yet, I have to replenish first. I might need to go out to the forest and go hug my stone, that will probably do the trick but eh not yet:) sorry for not answering. Actually, those people are the one that were leaving in the past(10-20 years back)and what they experience today as being true is actually what was happening so many years ago(meaning: so many years ago for those that live in the moment NOW)

      Glenn Beck is a good example he is genuine but the kind of paranoia he exhibits is old school and I also watched a youtue video(“Sugar Coated Message To Media from Desire Dubounet”)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wx4siPRmd5k ah and this guy that was shot by the police in the discovery channel building and two authors, I read their interviews but I didn’t feel the need to store their names in my head.

      So I don’t know yet . . .

    • MentalHealthAlert

      @nightingale801 why are you here? Why do you dribble so? Why must I open up my daily sarcastic injection to read your psychotic ranting on EVERY single blog. Go find your own audience. Reality check in order.

    • Thank you for your concern Dear mental health alert.

      Sapere aude otherwise keep your mouth shut. I do not have the need to have an audience and what I do and how I use my free time has nothing to do with you. Do you agree?

      If you find my comments “challenging” for your mentality then stop reading them. If the owner of this website decides to ban me. That is up to the owner. If you think that it is necessary. Report my comments.

      So long ~

  3. Long words make Nightingale morally superior

  4. Eh? When’s Jell-o?
    You kids with your X-Boxes and Y-Boxes and Z-Boxes and PlaceStations and infranets think you’re the bee’s knees these days.
    Why, when I was your age, we wrote telegrams on stone tablets and tied them to pigeons to Tweet each other. We also still knew how to make cars here in America, and we didn’t say bad words like ‘turd’ and ‘pregnant’ on the radio.

    Remind me to go to the store later– I’m almost out of milk.

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