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Possible new method for police to conduct raids without a warrant

Written by The Sarcasmist on December 23, 2010 - Comments (14)

A recent car crash in Maryland helped police uncover an indoor marijuana farm. A young driver crashed his car into a someone’s home, and the following investigation revealed the homeowner’s indoor ‘garden’.

On Wednesday morning, police arrested the owner of the home, Richard Kyle Marriott, 44, who faces drug possession and distribution charges. (Baltimore Sun)

Often the most effective law enforcement techniques and tricks are the one serendipitously learned ones. In this case, the police now have a new way of conducting a search without having to get a warrant. Next time if they suspect someone of doing something illegal in their house, all they have to do is crash a car into their home and do a ‘crash investigation’.


  1. when are the feda&COPS: gonna get it thru there thick heads legalize Drugs they are around ever where why not have the Fda,feds,Cops Tax them sell them reputably ect Tax like liquer and use the taxs to fight Real problems like War,theft,Let the(fanaticts ) in on the tax collected&See how fast MONEY changes there tune!

    • This is why drugs AREN’T legalized. Remember kids, punctuation is key.

    • Stonercrone is proof that drugs do no harm. In fact, they increase intellectual ability and critical thinking. I mean, just LOOK at his (or her) well thought out response! That is, if you can get pass the misspellings and wrong use of homonyms. Who can argue with a person like that (no, I’m serious, I would feel bad. It’s like beating up a kid in a wheel chair……just not right.) And I’m not even a “fanatict!”

    • But there are a few problems with that plan. Selling drugs is (for lack of better words at the moment) an underground buisness. Things get taxed when companies sell them. But there are no real companies. The government could try and tell the dealers they need a license and need to do taxes, but they arent gonna listen. They were already dealing illegaly, why would they go through that shit? Some will so that they can sell in the open, but most dont care enough.

  2. It;’ never stopped kids before,in fact by legalizing&Taxing Drugs some of the funds from the taxs could go to teaching children exactly what each drugs do,side effect ect,an infomed person is more likely to make choices that are right for them!

  3. Well legalisation works in places in Europe, e.g. Amsterdam. I for one am all for it. I blame stonerchrone’s inability to correctly use the English language on the fact he is probably American, not the drugs.

    • Doesn’t help having a broken arm, but at least you get the message&its stonercrone not stonerchrone! “pot calling the kettle black” is not very attractive!

  4. Some drugs are extremely bad for people, such as crack cocaine which is made out of poisonous compounds that if taken separately would kill you instantly if not sooner so drugs such as these should be removed but marijuana is not bad for you. Every study I’ve read about it states it is better for you than regular cigarettes and saying it leads to worse drugs is nothing but a bunch of bulls—-! Plain old alcohol will do that and it definitely isn’t good for you and it’s legal! God, how I love our governments double standards and way of wrong thinking!

  5. Baha ‘crash investigation’ :DD That was a good one!

  6. So, the lesson is to grow your dope in an underground bunker or a skyscraper where the cops cant accidentally crash into you. I mean – who would crash into a skyscraper anyway…

  7. The only viable solution -thus far anyway- to the problem of the legal status of certain recreative drugs: social clubs. You grow/produce your own drugs with the club, or pay a certain amount of money (man hours and the usual bills) for a certain amount of produce.
    No state bullshit (e.g. taxes/cops), no private sector bullshit (e.g. The Netherlands’ expensive coffee shops), no kids get involved (social club rules), the quality is outstanding due to there being no quest for profit (no shit to make the produce heavier/impurer) … and you get to hang out with some really cool and smart people.

    It certainly sounds a lot more fun than taxes and “dispenseries”, plus it’s only a few steps away from being a full-fledged cooperative … which is of course the ultimate form of a business organisation. Mankind needs good examples like this.

    • Apparently it’s spelt “dispens-a-ries”. Gotta love English spelling. I bet a lot of you don’t even realise how backwards/complicated the spelling system is, especially to non-native speakers like most Americans.

  8. imanebraskamomof5

    I agree with Ben, Legalize and tax drugs. Fixing real problems like the economy, healthcare and unemployment. If the dealers don’t report taxes, then they pay the penalty for that. Not for providing drugs. If there wasn’t a consumer market for drugs, then the dealer’s would be out of a job. Also agree with statement that putting back into education about all substance abuses is right on. What sense does it make to put nonviolent criminal who has been convicted of possession of a controlled substance in jail or prison, where the taxpayer has to pay $35000.00 – $45000.00 to house an inmate for 1 year and most 1st time offenders are looking at 1-5 years, rather than make them take drug classes or outpatient treatment, which runs about $100.00 – $500.00 only one time. Most Americans can do basic math. Our prisons house 51%-57% of nonviolent criminals serving time for drug offenses. As an American, I have been told that I live in a democracy, but every day I am reminded of the fact I am not free…to freely speak…you get it.
    New Hampshire’s State License plates say “LIVE OR DIE FREE”…says it all…Peace to all!

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