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Rapper arrested for allegedly pushing a woman out of a moving vehicle

Written by The Sarcasmist on April 8, 2011 - Comments (10)

He's so tough he had to tattoo an ice cream cone on his face.

Gucci Mane, has been in trouble with the law before; in fact, he was visiting his probation officer when he was arrested and charged for misdemeanor and battery. It took a while for law enforcement to get Gucci–the incident occurred on January 28th.

Apparently Mr. Gucci Mane decided to get himself some action on the morning of January 28th. He picked up the victim (with a breakfast invitation), at the South DeKalb Mall, with his white Hummer. Once the lady was in the vehicle, Gucci allegedly (sorry, but I have to keep saying ‘allegedly’) had a different type of breakfast in mind–he offered the woman $150 to “go to the hotel”. When she refused, she was swiftly kicked out of the car (while it was still moving).

According to the report, the victim “had redness on her left side/back area.” Although she had never met the “Lemonade” rapper before, she stated that she was familiar with his music and “recognized an ‘ice cream cone’ tattoo on the suspect’s face.” (MTV)

Gucci probably just didn’t offer her enough; after all, $150 isn’t much nowadays. But it’s obvious that Mr. Mane is having some financial difficulty, since he was forced to kick her out of the car while still moving. Everyone knows that stopping and starting with a Hummer will drain the fuel supply much more quickly than moving along at a leisurely pace. But hopefully this will be a lesson to Gucci, and he won’t try to be frugal next time it comes to paying for companionship.


  1. mom, from Finland..

    this is too bad issue to joke with, if someone has almost been raped!!

  2. Childless, from somewhere else.

    Sorry, where were the rape allegations? You may want to be fluent in the language before you find your soapbox.

  3. Could’ve been worse. Could have rapped…

  4. Who kicked you out of the car ma’am?
    I don’t know, but he had an ice cream cone on his face!
    (Cop dials the psychiatrist)

  5. nightingale801

    *lol*jeez I decided to stay awake and look what I am reading!

    1st of all he did something that resembles intelligence. He had a ice cream cone tattoo because he is a man of few words and instead of saying lick me(because I am sure he is very shy)so instead of saying lick me he let’s the tattoo do the talking, she should ‘ve see it coming a evil lawyer would have said. Anyway . . .

  6. While Gucci Mane enjoys a good fudge filled cone so much that he had a Good Humor tat’d on his face, His bunkee will also enjoy his fudge filled face… ._.

  7. Faggot shouldn’t have gotten that ice cream tattoo, he’ll look like a dick for the rest of his life, and behold! The victim actually spotted it so easily.

  8. aaaahhhhhh….Foreign people….bless them Rape and Rapper…..awwwww…i was one of them until i managed to learn English and turned into one of them that can speak it better then some of the native occupants of the land…..

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