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Rich Man Cheats on Young Girlfriend with Even Younger Girl

Written by The Sarcasmist on March 30, 2010 - Comments (17)

Exclusive hooking for 'gold'

The Sarcasmist was left breathless and shocked while researching a story during which it was revealed that for the first time in history of mismatched relationships, a rich man has cheated on his much younger girlfriend.

It is a very sad day when reality slaps us in the face and shows us the harshness of life. It is also disheartening to know that the innocence of the relationship between a sugar-daddy and gold digger is no longer sacred, and that it can be torn asunder by a hussy who’ll do more for less ‘gold’.

What is the World coming to?


  1. Wow thats esoteric. How stoic of a man to an extent of extreme emphasized feelings towards one woman, for another woman whom is less the age of the previous love. That really sucks….

  2. Hey arent all sheeps fuzzy before they are wooled?

    • Redundancy in a nickname is extremely cool on the internet! That or equivocality could be my defence. ;o

    • Hey I thought perhaps you were 8 years old, or Russian or something… either of which would excuse the inability to use correct English. But according to your blog, you are 13 and live in the US. So how about you pay more attention in school… then you might learn correct grammar, how to spell, how to form plurals, and the meaning of words like ‘stoic’ and ‘esoteric’ which you obviously threw in because you thought you would look smart by using them.

    • Shorn. Fuzzy sheep are shorn.

  3. fuzzysheep is just upset because it knows once the rich old guy has the younger golddigger, there’ll never be another ewe.

  4. LMAO with LBL @ badjokes!!!

  5. ben wields a mean set of sheep shears

  6. Oh come now, Sarcasmist…I feel he is to be commended for his unselfishness in sharing his wealth, in fact why not three girls, or four? After all the young seldom have much money and as he has plenty it seems only fair.

    • I don’t think he was sharing wealth……….but what i think he was sharing started with “Syph” and ended with a “clap”

  7. Lmao @ started with “Syph” and ended with a “clap”.

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