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Show and tell, a dangerous time for parents

Written by The Sarcasmist on April 10, 2012 - Comments (1)
Santos Roman

Courtesy of Bridgeport Police

A Bridgeport Connecticut elementary school had its most interesting show-and-tell when a kindergartener presented fifty packets of heroin during his presentation.

Police say that the stepfather, 35-year-old Santos Roman, went to his son’s school to retrieve the drugs, and was met with police.

Based on the details of the story, the boy would not have had anything to show to the class, had he not worn his stepfather’s jacket to school and accidentally come across the packets of heroin. So as most would contend, drugs are not all bad—in this case they helped a little boy not be embarrassed in front of his classmates by not having anything to talk about during show-and-tell, and it also help make for a pretty funny incident for the rest of us to enjoy.

But there is also a lesson to be learned here for people involved with drugs, and the lesson is that keeping your heroin in your coat pocket is probably not the best idea. Drugs should be hidden in places where kids are not likely to find them, like inside the cookie jar, or taped under the video-game controller.

One Comment

  1. Im from CT – only in Bridgeport could this happen. I am always so pleased when this lovely state of mine makes national news for something not completely idiotic

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