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The Crystal Magnum story

Written by The Sarcasmist on April 18, 2011 - Comments (10)

The persistent one

You may not know her by name, but Crystal Magnum made headlines a few years ago for accusing three members of the Duke University lacrosse team of sexual assault. Later it turned out that there was no evidence of misconduct on the part of the Duke athletes and the charges were dropped due to lack of credible evidence. Magnum is now back in the headlines, but this time as a defendant.

Crystal Mangum, 32, was charged Monday with murder, five days after her boyfriend succumbed to stabbing-related injuries at a Durham, North Carolina, hospital, according to Candy Clark, a spokeswoman for the Durham County District Attorney’s Office. She also is now facing two felony charges of larceny. (Reuters)

There were a string of other charges dating back to 2010, including attempted murder on her then-boyfriend. It is unknown whether the victim knew of her previous attempts at settling arguments without words.

Despite what some may think, this is not a story of a woman who lost her way, but of one that showed perseverance and didn’t give up until she had completely destroyed her life. When she realized that false accusations, arson, and child abuse weren’t enough to land her in prison for good, she decided leave no gray area, and gave her boyfriend a good stabbing. She should be hailed as a role model for those who just give up easily, and don’t follow through just because the road to their goal is an unpleasant one.


  1. She should be so proud of what she has done with her life and the levels she has reached! Nothing speaks more highly of one’s self as the achievements one has made!

  2. A matter of economics, obviously… the loser she was with couldn’t support her, and she was determined to get on the taxpayer dole somehow.

  3. I find humuour in most things. Murder… not really. Seems an odd thing for even the Sarcasmist to try and find humour in… struggling for inspiration today?

    • I don’t think The Sarcasmist was trying to find humor in murder as much as the tragedy of this woman’s entire life. From being touted a ‘victim’ by the likes of Nifong(the DA during the Duke debacle), Rev’s Jackson and Sharpton to the obligatory spiral into absolute destruction with murder being the final act. Murder was just the vehicle by which she chose to arrive at the destination so many of us figured she would end up at.

    • Ah, thanks for clearing that up. Heaven forbid I went to bed tonight thinking ill of an anonymous (well, fairly anonymous to me) blogger on the internet.


  4. I feel a LMN movie coming up!

    Pretty sure Valerie Bertanelli will be playing her. She plays freaking everyone, man.

  5. Where is the media now? This is an inspirational story of triumph and perserverance…Jesse, Al where you at?

    • Al can’t be bothered with trivial things like facts, remorse and retractions. He’s too busy fighting the good fight creating a race war to justify his existence.

  6. This woman is my hero. Not only has she managed to scar the men at Duke but then she kills her boyfriend. Perhaps she is a closet lesbian? I’m sure I could straighten her out. I have the kind of personality to do it. I managed to squash all A type women who worked for me. If I couldn’t squash them, I made them feel like crap. No woman was safe from my ego and management style.

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