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Facebook – We Really Care About Your Privacy

Written by The Sarcasmist on November 2, 2010 - Comments (2)

Where your privacy is paramount.

In yet another story about how life on Facebook isn’t all that private even with intricate use of privacy settings, it has been revealed that a data broker has been buying application developers for user data. And because of this finding, Facebook has taken the harshest stance possible to protect its users–it has suspended some developers from Facebook for six months.

Some “apps,” the small programs that let users play games or share information with each other on the social-networking site, were sending users’ Facebook ID numbers to third-party marketing or data firms, in violation of Facebook’s privacy policies. An ID can be used to look up a user’s name and other publicly available information on the social network and link it to their use of the app. Such information can be used by companies that build profiles of Internet users by tracking their online activities. (WSJ)

So for the next six months all Facebook users are safe from those specific publishers. So feel free to click on anything you see pop up on your wall, it’s sure to be safe.


  1. nightingale801

    It’s a pay attention as you go thingie instead of just repeating the past:)I also remember a similar situation 1-2 years ago, facebook was not involved in the story I remember) eh:)

    We will have to wait until the day that every computer with internet connection has eye-scanner security. That will do it. At least the stupid criminals will get caught faster.

  2. Tone Bloke (Funky Col' Medina Stylee!)

    Surely a rectal scanner would be the safest security method… which discerning criminal would want to put his anoosh where someone else’s probably was?? and soon it will match all the shit pouring so nicely out of Fox News and it’s “other choice” party…

    So who did you vote for Monsieur Sarcasmo? Republicans, Democrats or Those Upstanding People Who Are Further To The Right Than Republicans Who Are Going To Save America From The Poor?

    Vote for CHANGE and then vote out the changey people because they changed shit I didn’t want them to change!!! That’s what I say!!

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