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Facebook won’t play nice with Google

Written by The Sarcasmist on May 12, 2011 - Comments (2)

Where your privacy is paramount.

A new story has revealed that Facebook engaged in a smear campaign against search giant Google.

After the story came to light, Facebook admitted to hiring Burson-Marsteller, a public relations firm, to plant stories about privacy concerns as it relates to Google services. The jig was up when Chris Soghoian, a blogger, was not interested in publishing the story and ended up releasing the email exchange with Burson. Later, The Daily Beast uncovered that the client was in fact Facebook, and not Microsoft or Apples, like some had suggested.

Part of the pitch to Mr Soghoian (and presumably others) that “the American people must be made aware of the now immediate intrusions into their deeply personal lives Google is cataloguing and broadcasting every minute of every day – without their permission.”

Facebook is right. If Facebook had as much information about its users as Google did, Google would surely do the same thing to keep users safe. Facebook only has access to information such as date of birth, family connections, friends, hobbies, location, education, phone numbers, and so on, but to safeguard that data it provides a simple and straightforward system of privacy settings which only takes about 8 hours to get through.


  1. heck, all you need to get access to personal info is create an app for facebook. Then you get full unrestricted access to millions of people.

  2. Only an idiot would put out important personal information online and complain about security, whether it’s on Facebook or not.

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