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Healthcare Bill Passes Despite Democratic Majority

Written by The Sarcasmist on March 22, 2010 - Comments (79)

You don't have to wash your hands anymore!

In an unexpected turn-of-events, the healthcare bill championed by President Obama passed despite republican minority opposition against the democratic majority.

“It was a refreshing win for the democrats and the American people. We had to overcome a great hindrance, our overwhelming majority, and clench this for the American public,” said a House spokesperson.

The healthcare legislation marks a turning point for the party, who has been struggling to get used to their majority in both houses of the Congress.

The spokesperson finished by saying, “Now we know that having a Democratic president in the White House, a majority in both the House and the Senate does not have to be a handicap for the Democratic party.”


  1. Excellent.

  2. A truly inspiring tale if I’ve ever seen one. Overcoming the horrific obstacle of being the majority is just SO moving.

    Like, seriously. This belongs on Oprah.

  3. It’s all the sweeter considering that they accomplished this before the encroaching election. This tale would not be so harrowing for them should they have passed it next year without the majority.

  4. You know, it took (almost) losing two wars and (allegedly) lying to the country for Republicans to lose the faith and confidence of the American people. All Democrats had to do to lose it was to win an election.

  5. damn! I can’t believe they’d do such a thing… Damn Democrats!

    They should introduce a new system… like, 1 person in congress actually gets to decide, maybe have some sort of election to decide who and maybe give him a big house for his efforts, kinda like a chairman. I think that would work much better.

  6. Why hello socialism.

  7. @Sarah,

    I know! I can’t believe the U.S. has taken the first step towards a socialist country. Don’t they realise that this could mean that one day they’ll get cheaper (or even free) prescription drugs, cheaper post-secondary education, non-existent hospital bills, better national infrastructure, and an increased standard of living ? Those poor, poor people…

    • Very well written Jon..I think I’ll use that

    • Jon, you are so ignorant – why not ask someone in Canada or Britain how much they love their health care system – we can solve our entire health care/education/budget crisis if we would simply enforce our immigration laws…

    • Chris. I live in Australia. I love our universal healthcare system. I have lived in the US. There, it sucks.

    • Jon,
      Who is going to pay for “cheaper (or even free) prescription drugs, cheaper post-secondary education, non-existent hospital bills, better national infrastructure, and an increased standard of living.” The taxpayers are going to have to pay for all this, which is you and me (unless the government borrows a trillion dollars from China…which I think will increase the national deficit…pretty sure). I would much rather be in possession of my own money and use a FREE MARKET economy and competition to keep the prices of insurance compaies low. But now that liberals are forcing Americans to buy “health care” products they do not want, the companies that benefit increase in price. This is not a utopia, no matter how much you like to think it can be, we can not expect to be handed free stuff and think there are no consequences. There is no such thing as a free lunch- Economics 101.

    • @ Jon

      Well said sir.

      @ Paul

      Spoken like a true greedy Capitalist. Good thing your outdated greedy (MEH, ITS MY MONEY) ways will die out in two generations.

    • Economically_insane

      @ Chris,
      Oh yeah, I totally like agree with you man. I mean yeah, like, americans love to pay 8000$ to have a finger reattached. Meanwhile, like, in England, we don’t have to, like, pay or anything. Man, your system is so much better. (Nb. To all those who were paying attention, *that* was sarcasm… and making fun of the way certain americans speak; I didn’t add the word “rad” or I might have vomited to death)

      @ Jon,
      I agree with you whole-heartedly. I earnestly wish there were more who thought like you.

      @ Paul,
      No one said it was perfect, by any means. In a utopian society people wouldn’t be narrow-minded and greedy enough to make others PAY for healthcare. Also, look where the free market got us; bankers getting rich off bonuses while they forced us into a recession. Way to go, capitalism. Next you could maybe, I don’t know, exterminate minorities.

    • If Canada’s healthcare system is so wonderful, why do so many people from Canada come to the US for their healthcare.

    • @Chris: Jon used the British spelling of “realise”, and referred to the U.S. as “they”… so he probably LIVES in Britain or Australia and, obviously, is happy with the “socialism” there.

      @Trickster: I don’t know where this bull about people coming to the U.S. for healthcare came from. Everyone I’ve talked to that lives in a country with socialized healthcare is terrified of getting sick while in the U.S. They actually buy traveler’s health insurance when they visit. And more people LEAVE the U.S. to get treatment than come to it.

    • Actually, this is just another step towards socializing the US. There have been many others before, ever so subtle. Welfare, medicare, and medicaid just to name a few. The idea of the control freak Dems is that they will use the masses to take care of the few. Better said, they have no problem spending others money. Their best way of “helping the downtrodden” is to dress up socialism in the fur coat of “correcting injustice” and sugar coating a turd for public consumption.

    • @ Zero: Greedy Capitalist? Shoot Paul wasn’t the one talking about getting everything free. I’m pretty sure he still wants to work for what he gets. Oh and if you really want to know how a socialist country works out look at history, I mean there are so many attempts at utopia to pick from, unfortunately the people who lived in them never did have the proper mind set to keep them going. You could expand things to the national level, first you would have to go with the French revolution, oh wait we don’t really want to talk about the extermination of one tenth of the population of France. Well there is always Russian, now to be fair Communism is a form of socialism so whether it applies or not…but hey maybe America will be different from all the other attempts in the past. Maybe we will be a new human race that can put self interests aside and not want to work to better ourselves but only work to better others. Disclaimer I did not mention modern socialist countries like Canada, Australia, France (the modern one), and Great Britain because I have family in some of those places who are on waiting lists for things like heart characterizations so I’m a bit biased against them.

    • Economically_insane

      @ Luke,
      Funny, last I checked France was ruled by a central-right wing government. Maybe you should base your facts (and I use that word in the loosest possible sense) on something slightly more solid… like by reading a book… Communism may be a form of socialism, but for f#$*’s sake, that’s like saying Hitler was mildly right wing. There’s a massive difference… a bit like your intelligence and mine really.

    • @Luke
      I think you need to go back to the history books. The French revolution was about the rise of democracy and the free market through the rise of the middle class. I think you’ll find that this revolution was the polar opposite of any form of socialism or communism. Indeed, the American revolution drew direct inspiration from the French Revolution, taken a look at the statue of liberty lately? Even in little old New Zealand, with our free health care, we get taught how to use historical examples correctly. Must be our ‘socialist’ systems coming through.

    • lol
      its too bad that americans hate “socialism” so much.
      i mean, they are obviously doing something right when half the population (exaggeration ill admit, but it is expensive) cant pay for health care.
      us funny canadians, eh, free health care for everyone, eh, take care of your neighbour, eh.
      lol @ america

    • @ Zero:
      “Good thing your outdated greedy ways will die out in two generations.”
      …yeah, along with AIDS, cancer, terrorism, poverty, war, discrimination, religion, death, and taxes.
      for serious this time.
      two, maybe three generations, tops.

    • If anyone here is blind enough to believe any government run program is “free”, you’re sadly mistaken. The money individuals make working, is given, through taxes, to people who do nothing. Not that all poor people are lazy bums, but many are. And even if they aren’t lazy, why should I have to pay for their healthcare? Call me greedy, call me evil, but it’s my money, I worked for it, why should I have no choice but to give it to someone else? It’s commen sense people.

      And you want to talk about history? Even V.I. Lenin realized that letting people keep what they make would boost the ecenomy, that’s why he allowed private ownership of businesses in his N.E.P. when the nationalization of business didn’t work. And did Stalin’s nationalization of farms work? No, it caused a famine that killed millions.

      And now to the bill itself. The silver lining to this bill is that if it doesn’t work, the democrats will have signed their death warrant., and if it does work, then healthcare is fixed. But the part that angers me the most is the fact that you are fined if you don’t take the government’s healthcare plan. Therefore, you are in one way or another having your money taken from you for no other reason than the fact that you exist. This is also called robbery . Where does it say that’s allowed in the constitution? I’d be happy to see where, if it was actually in it. And what about Obama saying that “America wants” this? He’s therefore implying that the majority of Americans want this bill. You know who else called their viewpoint the majority while it was really far from it? Lenin. Bolshevik means majority in Russian. And what about Obama promising that all of these debates were to be aired on CSPAN? Did that happen? No, because all of these deals were done in secret.

      And all of you nations with your great socialist economies, how are those long waiting lists to see specialists? You know here, if we can afford it, we can see any specialist in a matter of days, even. And did you know that in Canada, there is a new, effective, life saving breast cancer treatment that isn’t offered to patients because of the costs? Do you want your government denying you something you could afford yourself because they can’t pay for it?

      Thats my rant. Say what you will, agree, disagree, stay somewhat civil so as not to lose all credibility.

    • Customs Control

      “Call me greedy, call me evil” – ok Eric – you asked for it. You are a greedy evil wanker – ok I added the wanker – but fair call – the horse had bolted.

      This is not a dicussion about Socialism – sick people cost money – even the simplest economic system understands that. Lost production blah blah blah – I am an Aussie – we have Medicare – I believe our property value and share prices are rock solid (by comparison!) as of yesterday – and I would (do) gladly pay the 1.5% of my income to ensure that the population has access to basic health care benefits and a giant line that curls arounds the corner to 2008 for elective surgery.

      The rest of the country agrees – how do I know – because otherwise we would have held a giant BBQ outside parliament house (well maybe in our backyards – but still the point would have been made that at least one snag on the barbi had political distinction) and have we gone broke? No . Who did? Ummm far be it for me to point out slings and arrows of outrageous fortune … I feel I am a captilist by nature – I sold tadpoles in primary school and charged more for those with legs – however as I mentioned only dumb – the HORRENDOUSLY dumb, (did I mention that?? – oh well – I am now…) think that it’s a socialist commentary to try and minimise the impact of crime and/or illness on their community. Building big fences to keep them out costs more than 1% per annum….. then there are the guards… the maintenance … the uniforms … and the lack of economy of scale of each house having their own security and hygiene system … so maybe pooling resources and taking advatange of the economies of scale …. OH hang ON! I think we are onto something here……

  8. @Sarah
    I guess that makes countries like the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand all socialist as well. What a shocker that is!

  9. wow…ya know what is most appalling about this…to get this bull passed thay had to have secret meetings and go behind America’s back…gee Obama, are you afraid the American people might actually see you for who you are??…a socialist, a muslim…a man that should have never been voted into presidency… America…not quite the “change” you were hoping for is it????? well, everyone eventually reaps what they sow…I just keep praying for a miracle…

    • How short sighted and blind you are. Do you honestly think that Obama is the first crooked President ever to sit in the White House? FFS you people… Let me guess Erin… You are college educated? Paid for with Daddy’s money? And a Republican? Figures.

    • I truly agree. Why was it so easy for the few to pass a law that does not effect them in anyway, but has the potential to affect the many in such a negative way. I certainly hope that the 2/3 of the population that said they DID NOT WANT THIS CHANGE open their eyes and see that they too can affect a change. Dont reelect the representatives that are seeking to subvert our free will and free market. To the other 1/3 open your eyes and use your brain.

    • Zero, I am a Democrat, and just about embarassed to admit it. I am college educated. Actually I have two degrees. I paid for it with my own hard work and hard earned money. I am so tired of everyone out there thinking that this world owes them something. Get off your lazy rearends people and earn what you want. A free lunch is not free.

    • A Muslim?
      Haha you foul little republican.

      Obama is the best thing that’s happened to your country in a long time. And that’s saying something.

    • @Trickster
      Thank you.
      I also am college educated and not with “Daddy’s money” because I have worked my ass off since I was 16 and worked hard for where I am. Nobody is entitled to anything. Want something? Work for it. It’s not a difficult concept.

      I’m for a reform of healthcare, but to give over control of my health to the government who’s f-ed up everything it touches is the dumbest move we can make.

      How about passing a few smaller bills first? Income-based health care, multi-state insurance competition, not denying people for pre-existing conditions to start. That would take care of most people’s problems without the government taking control of the entire system.

      Better yet, how about those who want this universal healthcare join it, and those that don’t continue on with insurance that they have already been paying for. It’s interesting when the House/Senate is exempt from this Bill. If it’s so great, how come it’s not applicable to them?

    • This actually makes me sick.
      First off, Erin, your comment about Obama being a Muslim is either extremely stupid or extremely childish. Either you don’t really believe he’s a Muslim or that all Muslims are evil, but didn’t have the brains to think up a better insult — there’s the childishness — or you actually do think he’s Muslim and that Muslims are America’s worst enemy, in which case you are incredibly ignorant.
      I don’t know how old you are, but I’m guessing you’re older than my 19 years. If not, *maybe* I can excuse you. In any case, Islam is a RELIGION, look it up. It is a PEACEFUL religion. They have some ideas that are different from Christianity, but when studied closely, the two religions are remarkably alike. Furthermore, the terrorists that we hear about every day, killing in the name of Islam, are a minority, an extremist sect of Islam. Throwing all Muslims into that bucket is akin to saying that all Christians burn down abortion clinics.

      As for this whole “reaping what you sow” and “getting off your ass” idea proposed by you and Trickster… Erin, I wouldn’t call praying for a miracle “getting off your ass and earning what you want.” Looking to your God for change makes you just as bad as the people who are supposedly too lazy to earn their pay.
      And, I obviously agree that people should earn what they want, but what about when they can’t? What do we do when it isn’t about how hard you work at all, as is often the case with healthcare? You really think people should go broke because they get sick? “Oh, sucks for them, they should’ve tried harder not to get sick.” Well unfortunately, that sometimes requires preventative actions, many of which are things people need to see doctors for and, in America, pay for.
      Education is another thing we shouldn’t have to “earn”, purely because it is in the nation’s best interest to have more educated people. More educated people means less crime, more contributing members of society, more doctors (which would help the healthcare problem), and less idiots harping on about religions and cultures they know nothing about.

    • Zero, you picked a perfect name, equal to your appalling IQ. Some how liberals, think that Republicans are rich and educated and rolling in money. Oddly enough, The BIG MONEY is with liberals. Better check the sources of fincance in our country’s corrupt government and the DNC. ALL extremely wealthy LIBERAL SOCIALIST!!! I leave you this bit of advice, one of our great US Presidents once said, “It is better to be thought of as a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Do you know who that was or were you too busy ranting to study in school as you made fun of Republicans. You should do well to realize that Liberalism is a disease. Guess you will surely be covered in this new law. How lucky are you and your friends?

    • Muslims are not bad people, but I do agree that he shouldn’t have been elected because he does not have a birth certificate…
      My brother and I have both needed to get new birth certificates, and let me tell you that they are “real” not “copies” like Obama’s.
      He may be a citizen legally because his mom is, and that makes him on if he was one before his 18th birthday…
      Fuzzy facts we get so much info on, huh?

      And we have been taking steps to socialism /long/ before this.
      With any luck, someone will call him out on that fuzzy details before he becomes worse than Bush.
      {just ‘cuz he has the race card and Oprah will not make him any better….}

    • Now erin, spoken like a true lost child from the “w” era.

      Many Americans are traveling to other countries for superior yet less expensive health care, desperately needed surgery, because our drugs, physician costs, hospital reimbursements and malpractice insurance is out of control, thanks to greedy INSURANCE COMPANIES!

    • Economically_insane

      @ John,
      Sorry to disappoint you but I think if you look up the definition of the word “disease”, I don’t think you’ll find the word ‘liberalism’ widely associated with it. Otherwise you’re pretty much bunching yourself in with them, because if liberalism (being a belief in certain values) is a disease, then Christianity, Islam, Republicans, and all those are diseases too.

  10. Well looks like our neighbours to the south are one step closer to a communist government.

    • Ok, and you are just plain ignorant. lol

    • Then leave if you don’t like it. Need a one-way ticket? I will buy you one, fool!

    • Sickness Score
      Canada – Healthy
      States – Broke

      And canada wins the gold! :D

      Even though nothing a human creates is gonna be perfect, free health care for everyone is, i feel, a main component of a functioning society.

      i mean, its better to pay taxes for guaranteed health care than it is to pay insurance for unreliable benefits

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