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Australian billionaire to build a copy of the Titanic

Written by The Sarcasmist on April 30, 2012 - Comments

RMS TitanicJames Cameron has a new competitor when it comes to making money off of the Titanic. Clive Palmer, an Australian mining magnate, has announced his plan to construct a new Titanic, to be built by CSC Jinling Shipyard, a Chinese company.

The new Titanic will be made to have the same layouts, room decor and finish, but fitted with modern technology. Hopefully this means that they’ll add an iceberg detection gizmo on the bridge of the new Titanic.

Many are saying that Palmer should be doing something worthwhile with his billions, like feeding the poor, or clothing the homeless. What these shortsighted do-goodering fanatics fail to see is that by building a new Titanic, Palmer is not taking any food away from the hungry–they’d be just as hungry if he doesn’t build the ship. Plus, he can always feed the hungry by money he’ll make from selling tickets to travelers who want to experience the Titanic (teenage girls will want to take the trip multiple times, if the movie box-office figures are any indication).

Hopefully, an American billionaire will outdo him, and show what real money can buy, by recreating the iceberg that sank the first Titanic.

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