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China Bests the U.S. Yet Again

Written by The Sarcasmist on August 23, 2010 - Comments (1)

Americans pride themselves on being the best in almost everything they do; however, in today’s world, it is becoming harder and harder to claim the ‘best’ title. The U.S. is no longer as dominant as it used to be in the Olympics, nor is it the economic might that made it so great. It seems that emerging economies are taking over slowly, and there has been no country more successful at this than China. Now, China has even taken the bragging right away from Los Angeles as the city with some of the worst traffic in the world.

A 100-kilometer-long traffic jam in China’s Heibei Province has left thousands of truck drivers stuck on the interstate heading towards Beijing since August 14. What’s worse, officials are saying that the jam could continue for up to a month! (Time)

We cannot allow China to just take everything. Next thing we know, the Chinese will be the fattest people, and have a fewer of their children graduating high school.

One Comment

  1. nightingale801

    Actually, what I found surprising today is that Japan has the best health care system and Sweden is third:? But hey good news:) But bahaha traffic jam is a living nightmare(just imagine the horror)anyways

    and U.S. is developing, recovering instead of short-term victories or of ‘common national shame’ moments that at times strengthen the spirit of national pride and/or unity(the well known ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ thingie:) but that is not of greater importance right now.(my opinion)

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