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Iran to Go Nuclear in Mid-February

Written by The Sarcasmist on October 26, 2010 - Comments (11)

It is being reported that Iran‘s first nuclear power plant should start producing electricity for the country by mid-February.

Ali Akbar Salehi told reporters at the Bushehr nuclear facility that Iran began loading fuel into the core of the plant early Tuesday, more than 35 years after Iran first tried to build a nuclear reactor. (VoA)

Oh, good! The sanctions are working. Which international fire do we put out next?


  1. Well, how much oil do we get if we go after them? Think of resources here, people!

  2. so mid march iran will go mushroom cloud?

  3. what do you get if you go after them? you get your asses kicked AGAIN, just like every other time you ” go after” somebody. Stupid Americans. Life isn’t a John Wayne movie. Grow up.

  4. Ass kicked? That’s funny. You get a mushroom cloud over Israel is what you get unless someone does something. Of course they are just using it for energy. LOL

    • A few replies that sprung up in my mind:
      1. And a mushroom cloud over Israel would be a bad thing.
      2. If one looks at Iran’s recent history, one would indeed be overwhelmed by the aggressivity with which Iran constantly refrains from attacking other countries.
      3. And we all know it’s preposterous that Iran should not cooperate with IAEA anymore, because Israel does it so well.

    • 3. should=could

    • StrangerInaStrangeLand

      Just have to say point 2 was excellent.

  5. LMAO Cowboy, I was talking to kate.. but your typical bonehead reply proves my point entirely.Yes, ASS KICKED!!!! Tell me, genius, what was the last war the Excited States, by itself, actually WON? War of Independence? No.. the British were about to throw your lame asses back into the ocean,when the French showed up and saved you.War of 1812? No. You tried an invasion (yes, invasion, its in your own National Archives, go look it up) there, but got your asses handed to you by some Canadian Farmers and some very clever Indian chiefs(see TECUMSEH)..the War against Mexico?..sorta, but you invaded them under false pretenses. Ditto the Spanish-American war( Remember the Maine? You blew it up yourselves as an excuse to start that war). WW1? no. WW2? no.Korea? no. Vietnam? LMAO DEFINITELY not. Iran kicked your asses out in 1979.Are you back yet? no.Years after George “shit-for-Brains” Bush jnr landed on an aircraft carrier and declared MISSION ACCOMPLISHED..Iraq is still kicking your asses.Afghanistan? yea, you’re doing reallllll good there, cowboy.But wait a minute, you DID beat Grenada…which was about as hard as the Marines invading Gilligans Island. You must be quite proud LOLOLOLOLOL.

    A mushroom cloud over Israel… spoken like a true John Wayne fan… but you seem to have forgotten what would follow immediately after, which would be mushroom clouds over New York..Chicago..Detroit..LA… etcetcetc, so why don’t you hop back on your horse and go back to the Ponderosa, Little Joe, Pa’s waiting with Big Hoss with some Vittles for you.

    Dumbass. Read a book or two then get back to me. ‘Til then don’t bother with any of your rah-rah flag-waving ass-kicking bullshit, I can’t be bothered having a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

    No Sarcasm Intended.

    • @jimbo :clearly you have found the right website for you. What kind of nutcase would expect sarcasm to be used on the sarcasmist website..tsss

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