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Obama Infected by the Same Virus as President Bush?

Written by The Sarcasmist on December 2, 2009 - Comments (39)

obamaIn his announcement about the war in Afghanistan, Obama said that “Afghanistan will be a democratic country, whether its people want it or not.” The White House contends that if the U.S. can bring democracy, peace and stability to one middle-eastern country (Iraq), there is no reason why it shouldn’t do the same for other nations in dire need of imperial friendly help.

With his announcement on December 1st, President Obama has caused many top medical experts to question whether the Oval Office is infected by some sort of virus that makes people do and say stupid things. A group of concerned doctors has suggested an inquiry into the air-quality of the Oval Office as well as the White House as a whole.


  1. Quick! Hide the pretzels before the transformation is complete!

  2. I recently listened to the speech and I’ve been following this story for months now…never has the President uttered those words. But who gives a fuck anyway say whatever you want to get the villagers angry.

  3. Afghanistan needs democracy shit bad. He’s doing the right thing.

    • Democracy is totally awesome, because it actually works!

      I guess it’s a good thing that keeping a straight face isn’t hard on the internet.

    • Either you have the driest humor I’ve seen used in a while, or you are plainly an idealistic idiot. I hope for your sake it’s the former.
      Even aside from getting into philosophy or international politics, you can democratically vote people into submission, you know.

    • I like llamas. They’re fuzzy like sheep.

  4. Hey, we waited better than two centuries for the rest of the world to get on the “Democracy Train”; now it’s time to spread the “wealth”, as they say.

    • It’s Manifest Destiny! You can’t fight it, neither can I!

    • Spread the wealth? The wealth of being in a class system where you are worth the avg. income you make and are only as good to society in the figures of money you command? Well why the hell not! Let’s spread all this wealth across the globe and let everyone get the joys of being a sticker price to one another! *insert thumbs up here*

  5. Where did you take the quote? Not from the speech at least..

  6. No worries about this present invasion. The peace loving poppy farmers quaintly squatting in their caves will welcome these latest foreign visitors with the same enthusiastic hospitality that they demonstrated to the British Empire invasion of the 19th century and all others up to and including the mighty U.S.S.R ‘visit’. All of whom managed to run away fairly discretely after realising they bit off more than was edible.
    Mr. O’Barmy has assured his next generation of casualties – sorry – army officers (presently being warmed up at West Point) that they won’t be faced with another Viet Nam, and that any survivors should be home by 2012 in time for coffee and medals.

  7. I don’t know which is funnier: the story itself, or the fuckwits who are leaving comments as if this were an actual news item.

  8. Just checked and he definitely never said that, but its OK to lie as long as it gets shit done! Thanks Fox News!

  9. obama_the_moron

    finally something he has done right. (literally right) now if only we could convince him that the obamacare plan 2k9 is wrong, the he wont go down as the worst president in the history of our country.

    • Erm… no, I think you’ll find that that would be Bush….

    • You’re both wrong. The man on our $20 bill was responsible for the forced removal of thousands of Cherokee families, among other native tribes, many of whom died along the way.

      At least our last few Presidents weren’t racist assholes.

    • Well, thank God Bush was not racist! I mean, never mind declaring war in a country by making up the whole ‘weapons of mass distruction’ crap and even defying the UN when they were opossed. Can you actually imagine if this man had actually been “racist”?

    • obama_the_moron

      the u.n. opposes anything with the word “war” in it. and to be honest im glad we went over there. it kept those shitfaced turban-heads over there. stupid muslim terrorists. they publicly announce their hatred for the u.s. so i feel no guilt in sending troops over to blow their allah-loving brains out.

  10. Wow, you people have no concept of satire do you? Long story short, the Obamanots were praising him on his declarations on pulling out of the middle-east and now he is sending more troops. You will sit there and argue up and down how your new “lord & savior” of a President can do no wrong.

    He wants democracy for everyone else, and socialism here. GREAT IDEA… What a moron

    • obama_the_moron

      well said.

    • Yes, because affordable health care is sooo socialist. Despite it’s American-style capitalist economy Canada’s such a socialist nation, because we pay for our health care with our tax money rather than out of our pockets whenever we go to the hospital.

    • I’m quite sure all Americans who live abroad, in countries with social healthcare, can tell you how much of a horror it is to go into a hospital, not have to wait for hours and leave without paying later.

      Besides, we all know healthcare is without certainty the first thing to be socialised in the United States. It is a fact, I tell you.

      Oh, what a delight it is to be blind and thoughtless!

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