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The West exaggerates, while Iran proliferates

Written by The Sarcasmist on January 18, 2011 - Comments (5)

In an interview with the Austrian Press Agency (APA) which was released today, former International Atomic Energy Agency director-general, Mohamed ElBaradei said that the threats posed by Iran’s nuclear program had been exaggerated by the West.

In the exclusive interview, ElBaradei said U.S. intelligence agencies believed Iran had been developing nuclear weapons according to a report issued in 2007; however, Iran in fact had stopped this attempt as early as 2003. “Today, this assessment is still correct,” he said. (Xinhau)

It is absolutely shocking to think that Western governments would behave in such manner, fear mongering in order to advance an agenda. For generations we have received nothing but the absolute truth from our governments, and there is no reason why our children should not enjoy the same benefits.


  1. They’ve never done THAT before! (cough*9/11*cough)

  2. It’s been a good couple of years since the West has been involved in a war, what with the others having been such resounding successes and all the troops have returned home lauded as heroes. Obviously, with our massively stable economy, we should totally waste it all on stimulating the arms industry on another war, what with the Bankers not needing our cash any more. Go war! It is just like it is in the video games!

  3. Sounds like someone’s got their head in the sand to me

    • Yes, people with their head in the sand do tend to suffer from perceived acute hearing loss, Virkwolf. My suggestion is you dig yourself out!

  4. This post is way too short, I don’t feel informaticly informed…thank you

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